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July 1, 2019

What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Soap box time. Hop in and away we go!


Okay, so I’m a realist, right? I’m not really big on spreading fear, nor do I feel like telling everybody that they can become the King is a good idea. I kinda like the middle ground. Like, you can do it. You’ll have to work hard and it’ll likely take years. There will be parts you are good at, and parts you’ll have to learn or get outside help with. But, if you really, really, really with a cherry on top want it, then you can do it.  What “it” looks like will differ, so it’s important to celebrate your path.

Getting into the discussion of common traps gets me a bit fired up, because there’s so much out there that can be discouraging for new writers. I can tell you…

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3 Writing Traps for Newbies   Leave a comment

Another Open Book Blog Hop entry. So many good posts this morning.

Lyndell Williams

OPEN BOOK (15)#OpenBook

What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Writing is a process rich with possibilities for errors. Anyone taking to the pen and pad or keyboard to share their stories and experiences with the world will inevitably trip, fall, get crushed, or end a blubbering puddle of frustrations and regrets.

Count on all the above because our humanness makes it inevitable. Things will get messy just like us.

I spent years as a writing coach at a four-year college, where I saw students making the same mistakes and helping them hone their skills. When I ventured into professional writing as a freelancer, the easy transition from academic writing surprised me. I became popular with some online Muslim publications (I only write for them for personal reasons) and launched a cultural platform. Save for a few shifts in tone, I had it easy.

I didn’t encounter many bumps in the road of…

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Open Book Blog Hop – 24th June   1 comment

Stevie Turner

This week’s topic is:

‘How do you select the names of your characters?’

I must admit I only like traditional names, and so as soon as I read a blurb about a character with a strange or outlandish name, then I’m afraid I tend to skip that book and move on to another one.  Funnily enough I find that books with strangely-named characters are usually in fantasy novels, a genre that I have tried to get on with but unfortunately cannot.

When I write, I prefer a character to have a short name, so that I don’t have to keep on typing out a long one.  For example, I chose Amy and Beth (A House Without Windows),  Erin and Alan (A Rather Unusual Romance),  and Judy, Roger, Edie and Roz are some of the characters from The Pilates Class.’

I type clinic letters daily and always look at people’s names. …

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Amazon Advertising for KDP Authors in 2019   Leave a comment



As of 2019, Amazon modified how their advertising campaigns work, so this seems like a good time for a new article about how to use it.

I started using Amazon’s advertising feature several years ago, when it was first introduced to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Since then, my ads have generated over 100 million impressions. So I have a little experience with how this works.

Advertising is one of many marketing tools. Like most marketing tools, you probably won’t blindly achieve instant success.

And like any paid marketing tool, advertising carries risk. If you aren’t careful, you can spend a lot of money quickly, and you might not recover your investment.

Advertising probably isn’t the solution for a book that isn’t selling on its own. It works better for some books than others, and for some authors than others. The success of the ad depends on…

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The Economics of Climate Change: What Universities Won’t Teach College Students | Robert P. Murphy   Leave a comment

Americans, especially students, are being whipped into a panic over the allegedly existential threat of climate change. Yet the actual research, summarized in the UN’s own periodic reports and in the research of a Nobel laureate in the field, shows that at best only a modest “leaning against the wind” could be justified according to standard economic science.

Source: The Economics of Climate Change: What Universities Won’t Teach College Students | Robert P. Murphy

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Open Book Blog Hop – 10th June   1 comment

Stevie Turner

This week’s topic is:

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Having a husband and two sons definitely helps when I write about characters from the opposite sex. Two of them (Sam and Leon) are the alpha male types, practical, abrupt and down-to-earth, and the other one (Marc) is rather more sensitive, arty and musical.  I know how they think, and sometimes even what they’re going to say next. As for what they feel I can only guess, as the two alphas tend to be stoically silent on that front, but Marc has a brain very similar to my own.  We’re like two peas in a pod.

Yes, sometimes my male characters say exactly what my husband or sons might have said.  I also dredge up memories of my father, also grandfathers, uncles, male cousins and male work colleagues to help me form my…

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