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Orlando Killer’s Father Knew Obama?   Leave a comment

How close was presumed killer Omar Mateen to the bizarre world of Washington politics?

Close enough to raise your hackles about what is really going on.

Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, apparently visits the Capitol frequently, take pictures in front of the State Department and White House press room, and likes to pose with Congressmen, especially from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

There are also rumors, though they are unconfirmed, that Seddique Mateen has also met with President Obama.

His activity at the State Department and Foreign Affairs Committee also suggest possible liaisons with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry, along with other U.S. politicians.

Source: Orlando Killer’s Father Knew Obama?


As a writer, I like conspiracy theories because sometimes they give me ideas for stories, but usually my suspension of disbelief refuses to suspend. I find conspiracy theories entertaining and informative, but not truthful.

Except ….

This shooting really has me wondering. Actually, a lot of mass shooting have me wondering lately. After Newtown, a guy I know from mental health started talking to me in the grocery store. Yes, he’s a client and usually their stories set off alarms with me, but this fellow is usually on his meds and not given to as many delusions as many. Anyway, Roger (not his real name or even close) suggested that someone was “riling up” mentally ill people to get them to do these shootings. We were waiting out a gully washer, so for a good half an hour, he recited facts — information I could look up, and did — that had led him to believe this “conspiracy theory.” While I haven’t proven Roger’s theory, I also haven’t disproved it and I keep running across disquieting evidence that Roger might know what he’s talking about.

The CIA/FBI have been caught providing non-working bombs to radicalized Muslims living in America so that they could arrest them for an act of terror suggested by an agency handler. Shaeffer Cox (the only “terrorist” I know personally) was manipulated by an FBI informant to make outrageous statements that could then be used to arrest, try and convict him of a terrorism-related crime.

Trust me, mentally ill people are often very easy to manipulate if you know how to play on their delusions. There is a reason Carl exists in Transformation Project and it’s not just to be a sacrificial disabled person in a dystopian series. Mentally ill people are crazy, but some of them are absolutely brilliant at cutting through all the lies in our society and scraping the bedrock of reality.

So when I read things like this about the Orlando shooter’s father … I could dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, EXCEPT conspiracy theories don’t run for president of a small war-torn country under US occupation.

Something hasn’t felt right about this story from the very beginning, starting with how quickly the authorities seemed to know all about the shooter.

If I were a president whose administration had already “created” a few “terrorists” and conducted Fast and Furious and received virtually no backlash from those lies, I might “create” a mass shooter to try to silence my political enemies and further the “fundamental transformation” of the United States of Tyranny.

Does having a radicalized son who died as a martyr for the cause perhaps help the father get elected?

Of course Roger would say “Are you sure the son is dead?” How do we know? Lela

Latest Cult   Leave a comment

Jesus, Paul, Peter and John the Evangelist all warned us that cults would rise that would pretend to speak for God and even pretend to bear the gospel of Jesus. So this shouldn’t surprise us.

Christ is a Woman

The ad did make the front page of our local newspaper, however, so I’m thinking they’re pretty well financed.

It’s not unlike any of the other cults that have come along that wrap a grain of truth in some attractive, but ultimately specious package.

Yes, the spirit of Christ inhabits all Christians, male and female. Although the Bible uses male imagery to describe God the Father, God is spirit and therefore, male and female are probably not concepts that really apply to Him.

But ….

Jesus was male. There is no evidence that He was female. The Bible depicts Him as male. The Bible depicts Him as doing things that only males did in His cultural era. The only way you could get a concept of Jesus being a woman is if you twisted the words of the Bible, which is an exceedingly cult-like behavior.

What’s more, this site refers to God in the plural and says God is 2 in 1, which is also not a concept found in the Bible. You can easily come to the concept of 3 in 1 (Trinity). Jesus Himself provided the framework for that by talking about Himself and the Father and then also claiming to be God. He followed that by saying the Holy Spirit would come from the Father to be a constant presence in our lives after Jesus’s physical body die. Jesus appears to breathe the Spirit onto His disciples. Then Paul explains it in concise terms in Philippians 2. 3 in 1 is a discoverable concept in the Bible.

The concept of 2 in 1 meaning both male and female is not discoverable in the Bible.

So, just beware, folks, that we have another cult on the rise and this Christ Lisbet apparently has a marketing budget.

Empire Editorial: The only way to lead is by example |   Leave a comment

Empire Editorial: The only way to lead is by example | Juneau Empire – Alaskas Capital City Online Newspaper.

While agreeing with the basic subject of the editorial, I have to comment on the firing of Pete Lewis, Fairbanks North Star Superintendent.

Mr. Fowlks, the accused tutor, is alleged to have committed these crimes. It is entirely possible that the student doing the accusing is a liar. It wouldn’t be the first time a student ruined a man’s life because they didn’t want to do their homework or they were mad about a low grade. Until there is a trial, Mr. Fowlks should be considered not guilty. Have we forgotten that?

Even if he is found non-guilty,  his reputation and his financial state will be destroyed. This kid is getting his way whether Mr. Fowlks did anything or not.

Pete Lewis may have had a gut instinct to not jump whole-hog onto a witch hunt until he had further facts. When, regardless of outcome, your actions will lead to the ruination of someone’s life, that’s a good instinct.

But of course, these days there is no presumption of innocence and we can’t use common sense when making decisions. We have to act like vigillantes in the old West, except this time with the wait of government behind us.

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The Law of Unintended Consequences   3 comments

Oh, yeah! Here’s a great idea!

Let’s reverse global warming by mimicking the effects of volcanoes.

I think it’s an interesting idea and certainly more sensible that the usual suggestion of just stop using fossil fuels and rely on renewables. Renewables are unreliable and low efficiency, hydro ruins rivers and salmon habitat, and the average American is inexplicably terrified of nuclear. Fossil fuels are here to stay for the long-term future because they work.

And seriously, there’s mounting evidence that global climate change is driven by a natural cycle of solar variation. It’s always seemed like hubris to think that humans could nudge that behemoth even a little bit and you can’t blame the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period on fossil fuels. The article, from The Alaska Dispatch, brings that up – Alaskans wouldn’t object to a little global warming. It also acknowledges that there are a lot of costs associated with subsiding permafrost soils, rising sea levels (if they ever do rise; they really haven’t yet), and the comments mention the acidification of the oceans (which is more a prediction than a measurable effect at this point.

But, this … can anyone say “unintended consequences”? I remember the winter after Mt. Penatuba blew up – it snowed 12 feet in Interior Alaska. Snow doesn’t melt here, so that was 12 feet on the ground come April. We shoveled snow two or three days every week all winter long. Then we had no summer – it snowed in mid-May, rained all summer and then snowed again September 10 – a full month ahead of schedule. Seeding the clouds to stop/slow global warming seems a lot like the science that said “prevent forest fires at all costs” that led to a 100-year store of dead wood in our forests that resulted in several out-of-control forest fires in the last decade.

Sometimes we humans really need to pause and realize that we are not that bright and maybe we ought to just leave some things alone, learn to adapt, relax and stop acting like we’re God. We aren’t. We can’t control the sun, climate change is probably out of our control too. Stop panicking and trying to push the boulder up the hill. Adapt! In a couple of centuries or next year the climate will start to cool and then we can adapt the other way. It’s what we as a species do best, so let’s do it.


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