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It was bound to happen. Medium is a far-left-wing writers’ platform that boosts the ad hominem attacks of leftists picking at Republicans, libertarians, Christians or the Conservative Party in England. I’ve been writing articles from a libertarian angle on a conservative publication for about a year and this last week, they suspended my account for “hate speech” and “incorrect categorization” (whatever that is). I was explaining to someone who had made a comment about what they supposed libertarians believe. They were entirely incorrect and I POLITELY explained why their ad hominem attack was incorrect. I addressed their ideas, not their persons. And the “hate speech” was addressing a biological fact — that biological women can’t compete against biological men in sports.

The truth is now hate speech. Men and women are biologically different from one another and that includes height and strength differences that affect our ability to compete against one another and these biological imperatives hold say even when we wear each other’s clothes.

With Medium, when they deem truth to be “hate speech”, there’s no appeal. You’re banned and that’s that. Go away and shut up now! But hey, we’ll allow people who routinely post incorrect statements that libertarians want to eat their neighbors and evangelical Christians are trying to create a theocracy. As long as you comply and say black is white, you’re good. Otherwise, you need to be silenced.

Welcome to the 21st Century

In our “enlightened” erra, we can’t agree to disagree. Those with “wrong think” must be silenced. Why? Because the leftists suspect their ideas won’t stand up to an honest examination and like all cultists, they must protect their faith at all costs. Since the tenets of their faith can’t stand up to close scrutiny, they have to eliminate anyone who points out their faith is as shallow as a hubcap. So platforms that support this ideology must purge writers who don’t comply with the desired zeitgeist.

Our alternative is to create our own similar writing platforms. I started this blog to promote my books and to discuss topics that matter to me. I’m returning to writing about more than writing here. I’m looking into federated blogging. In time, I hope to join a network of like-minded conservative/libertarian writers.

They can ban me off their echo chamber platform, but they aren’t going to silence me. They might just make me more determined to tell the truth.

And here’s a suggestion. Check out Amazon’s Prime Video program “Electric Dreams” and pay particular attention to the last episode of the anthology series – Kill All Others. It’s a hyperbolic representation of what might happen if our society continues in the direction we’re headed.

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6 responses to “On Being Banned from Medium

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  1. I had to wait behind a “nonbinary” (confused?) person a week or so ago at the doctor’s office while a patience slowly eroding med assistant kept explaining “Honey, I don’t care who think you are today, or might be tomorrow, this is a medical facility. If anything happens to you here, or anywhere else and you require emergency medical care, when they request your records, everyone needs to know your biological hardware and there are only two choices. Pick one and don’t lie about which you’d rather it be.” Nonbinary hemmed and hawed, assistant said sorry. Pick one or leave. This is a medical facility and the doctors can only do their jobs if you declare your biological sex. You can’t play the civil liberties card in a medical facility. Here you are what you are.” Nonbinary finally checked a box and huffed back to a chair. I asked, “You get a lot of that?” and tech said “Too much. You’re a man or woman. Everything else is make up and fashion.” “And attitude?” “Oh hell, honey, I get enough of that from everybody. Are you gonna be a problem?” “No ma’am.”


    • I worked in the medical field – as an administrator in a mental health center. Nonbinary didn’t exist them — at least the social workers never talked about it, but transgenerism sure did. The psychiatrists (the actual medical professions) finally passed a ruling for the staff to follow. Whatever your plumbing, that was your gender. It primary affected us in the bathroom everybody used. Men in skirts weren’t allowed in the women’s bathroom. When we were unclear on that, I regularly went down to the third floor to use their bathroom because we had one client who was a 6’2″ male in four inch hells who enjoyed watching us over the partitions. I am not shy – I pee in the woods when guys other than my husband are with us — but I reserve the right to privacy from strangers in the bathroom.

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  2. I would also add, just from having moderated a forum 20 years ago that arguing with anyone on the internet makes both parties retards. Even though arguing retards is epidemic. And that forum was for musicians!


    • I actually wasn’t arguing, but if you’ve ever checked out Medium, you know the writers there routinely cast conservatives, libertarians, Caucasians, and Christians as EVIL and they don’t bother to support their positions. They exist in an echo chamber. I think a major problem with this country is that none of us talk to one another. Posting a polite response to unacceptable vitriol should be encounraged, not banned.

      I find it interesting (in a sad way) that some of the people who object to these adhominen attacks with ad hominen attacks of their own are still on the platform. It’s almost like someone has an agenda….

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      • If you simply point out a fallacious argument that comes from an agend-ized source you’re wrong. I mentioned to someone else today that the concept of causerie, even in a classroom environment, is lost. The concept of ideological discourse is no more. I’m right and you’re wrong, on a personal level. Like you can’t be a neighbor and disagree on candidates and still be neighborly. And anything drifting too far off hard left is a criminal belief. Oh well. You have better things to do than engage in a battle of wits with the witless.

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      • There are some people over on Medium for whom Stalin was a conservative.

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