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It’s been WAY too long to get to this point, but…

Fount of Wraiths (Daermad Cycle 3, an epic Celtic Fantasy) is available for Preorder on Amazon. You’ll save $5 over the regular price for the ebook if you order before October 26.

The Raven Rises While the Dragon Waits.

Lost, alone, and powerless in the Void, Ryanna must find the postern gate to return to Padraig and the struggle to mend the kingdom. But the Fount of Wraiths holds many unknown dangers and puzzling mysteries.

Padraig’s quest appears to be stalled, but mayhap he waits upon direction and for an ally to catch up. Meanwhile, the Svard build their forces to begin their attack on Celdrya while Gil works to bring in more allies to their cause against an unprepared kingdom.

The One works in mysterious ways, however, as forces marshal from the most unlikely of sources.

Book goes Live, October 26, and also goes to full price.

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3 responses to “Announcing Latest Book

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  1. Congrats, Lela!


  2. Reblogged this on Daermad Cycle.


  3. Thank you!


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