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Stevie Turner

Welcome to this week’s ‘Open Book Blog Hop‘. Here’s the topic for today:

‘Every story starts with a stranger in town or a journey. “Pa, we’re takin’ the wagon to Virginia City,” and every story ends with “Golly gee, Wally. I thought we were goners.” True or False?’

Wally and his father get in the wagon at the start of the book and begin their journey to Virginia City. On the way they might meet a tribe of Red Indians, the wheel of their wagon might fall off, their horse might die, or Wally might succumb to a wagon full of ‘ladies of dubious morals’ on the trail and catch a dose of something nasty.

All these things happen as the book unfolds. The reader follows the story from the wagon setting off at the beginning right through to the end and its arrival in Virginia City, now…

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2 responses to “Open Book Blog Hop – 30th November

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Lela.


  2. Yes, every story follows the format of The Odyssey


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