Why Not Laugh?   16 comments

November 2, 2020
Is humor an important element is your stories? Do you ever laugh at something you’ve written?

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Not a Comedian

Humor is not a huge element in my novels. The apocalypse isn’t funny. Peter’s life isn’t funny. I haven’t written a minstrel into Daermad Cycle.

But …

Sometimes life hands you lemons and humor is the ultimate juicer. There’s Trevor in “What If Wasn’t” series. He’s got a great sense of humor and he verbalizes it often. Little jokes just laced through the rather dark tale of a young man who can’t seem to find the light.

Occasionally there are reasons to laugh in the apocalypse. Shane makes observations about Cai’s tendency to talk too much, for example. Jill makes jokes about how adventurous and oppositional Shane was as a child. Mike makes self-deprecating observations about himself. Marnie thinks her dysfunctional family is really odd and Cai understands her humor. It doesn’t turn the apocalypse into a laugh-riot, but it relieves tension occasionally.

And Then There’s Satire

I’m a libertarian (small “l” deliberate, I remain a nonpartisan) and I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and currently don’t plan to vote for him tomorrow. A side effect of not having a dog in the political pit is that I don’t need to freak out or defend anyone. I can enjoy the benefits of this administration while ignoring the negatives … if I choose.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hullaballoo-front-cover.jpg

Following the election of Trump in November of 2016, I watched with bemused alarm as the American left lost its mind in disbelief that their flawed, screeching, corrupt, condescending candidate lost the election. Trump Derangement Syndrome was on full parade and I found that fascinating. I also watched with amusement as my conservative friends waxed lovingly about how Trump could walk on water. I then ran across an article that confirmed my observations. I had a prompt for an anthology to write a humor piece from a libertarian perspective and I created Connor, a libertarian-anarchist (so he doesn’t vote) living in a fictional upper Midwest town who infiltrates enclaves of both major political parties on the day after Election Day 2016. It was meant to make people laugh about a subject people take too seriously. I don’t know. Maybe you’re as sick of this nonsense as I am and wish you could find a reason to laugh about any of it. It might also help you to know what libertarians and nonpartisans are thinking during such partisan times.

“Beacon barks, so I let him in. He climbs back up on his coach where he can look out the front windows at the distant cars on the road past our place. I ruffle his ears. He licks my hand. Does he wonder what I taste like or does he love me? He’s a yellow Lab. Of course, he loves me! They don’t actually taste their food.”

“Whoa! That’s a lot. It doesn’t really surprise me, but I’m hardly a good judge of an election. The polls had insisted Clinton would win, but trying to influence an election through demographic analysis is not the same as actually putting your finger on the pulse of the electorate. You just can’t measure the depth and breadth of American political sentiment by asking 1000 people a question, no matter how well worded. The Trump signs in the yards had alerted me that our neighbors were planning to vote for him. Why are the bagel shop patrons surprised? Trump signs outnumbered Clinton signs by 4 to 1 as of last week. I wrote an article about it. Do these people not read my articles?”

“I can do political education while entertaining sarcastic thoughts. Or maybe it’s because I can think sarcastic thoughts that I excel at political education. Humor makes it all so much less caustic and cruel.”

Really? Does the largest military in the world really need rebuilding? Do we have to have troops in the Netherlands?

Really? I envision the bagel shop coterie tied to chairs with duct tape over their mouths, sitting here amidst their neighbors. It’s a brilliant idea. My parents would spend the rest of their lives in prison for kidnapping, but it might be worth it.

Check out Hullabaloo on Main Street.

And then go check out my fellow blog-hoppers.

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16 responses to “Why Not Laugh?

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  1. Trump knows he can walk on water, lol, but I’d like to see him try!


    • Without a team of SEALS to rescue him?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I get tired of both sides extreme views on him. He’s not been that bad. You really couldn’t knock his economy before Covid and he kept most of his campaign promises (more than the average president). There are no perfect candidates. I’m still voting Jo Jorgensen, but if I had a gun to my head and told I had to vote for one of the two major party candidates, I’d choose Trump over Harris — mainly because it is Harris he’s really running against.


    • Trump hasn’t been that bad. He’s kept most of his campaign promises and, until Covid, his economy was AMAZING and that is the aspect that most people care about, even if they think they don’t. But to not hate him, you have to tune out his bellicose statements (meant to spin up the press and the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd — and it does) and you have to research the difference between what the press says about him and reality.

      But, yes, he has a big ego. Little known fact, most presidents have had big egos. Running for head of any country requires a degree of narcissism.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, Lela, my kind of humour. I don’t find many things funny so you are unique.


  3. Maybe you’re as sick of this nonsense as I am

    No shit!


  4. Sometimes life hands you lemons and humor is the ultimate juicer.

    Where’s my t-shirt with that quote?


    • I’m thinking of having one made. I didn’t realize I was being profound until after I hit POST and now I’m like, where’s my daughter the t-shirt artist when I need her? I’m going to ask her to do a design for it and have a local t-shirt company make it for me. I’ll send the design to you if it’s not one of her weird ones (you never know with her).

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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