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How do you recharge?

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Everybody gets tired and reaches the end of themselves at some point in life and I am no different. So how do I recharge the cells and renew my interest in life?

I work full-time, have a family, attend church and write novels on the side. And sometimes I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and I just want to get off and go lay down to sleep for a day or a year and even that might not be enough.

My recharge methods vary depending on season, how much time I need, and what it is that has exhausted me.

Often when I’m tired, I feel cold. I think it’s my body’s way of tricking me to lay down under the covers and sleep. And sometimes that is what I do. There’s little more recharging than sliding under the covers for a full eight hours. But my internal clock appears to be set at seven hours and in the summer it’s daylight or dusk 24 hours a day, so I’ll only sleep five … maybe. A psychiatrist I used to work with at community behavioral health told me that is quite normal. Not everyone needs eight hours and, yeah, the variable light levels around here mess with circadian rhythms.

I love hot baths. There’s something so soothing about sitting in a hot bath in a dimly lit bathroom and just letting the warmth soak into your bones. Sometimes that’ll get me a full eight hours if I go to bed right afterward.

If I’ve got the time and it’s winter, we drive the 60 miles to Chena Hot Springs Resort and do our recharging there. There’s something about that drive that just gets you in the mood for relaxation. If it’s cold out, you can spend hours in the hot pools. When your core temperature reaches fever level, you just stand up into the frigid Alaskan air and cool yourself down. If you go midweek, there’s mostly Japanese and Chinese tourists there, which means conversation is limited and Brad and I can manage the drive back saying no more than “pass the water, please” and “there’s a moose” for an hour. Ah, so refreshing.

Chena Hot Springs is no fun when it’s warm out. You spend five minutes in the pools and then you’re too hot to enjoy it. So in the summer, we head out on the hiking trails. More than 95% of Alaska’s millions of acres are public lands, so a hiking trail is easy to find, though it may come wrapped in a bow of federal red tape. We finally purchased 20 acres out northeast of town. We still haven’t built a cabin on it because there are logistical issues like access and Borough taxes, but we go out there and clear brush, pick blueberries or – my favorite – sit by a shallow waterfall along the creek and watch sunbeams twinkle off the fast-moving water. Like Chena Hot Springs a part of the appeal is that it doesn’t have internet or cell phone access. It’s a day or two away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. We usually return home feeling tired and dirty, but after a shower and a night’s sleep – ah, so ready to face my life again.

Last night, we turned off the phone and closed the laptops to play bacgammon and watch a Jason Stratham movie. Why? Because we could and it feels so good to not do modern life for a while. I think we might be on a theme here.

I love going to church, studying the Bible, hearing what my fellow “ordinary” Christians think about what we’re studying, lifting my hands in praise during the song service and learning from our pastor. I’ve sat under a lot of great pastors (and a couple of duds) and they each have drawn me further along on my spiritual journey. And, sometimes when I’m just feeling empty, I flip open my Bible and do some study of my own. I suspect, I’d feel let empty less often if I were more consistent with opening my Bible before I start writing.

Oddly, the most recharging activity I know of is writing something exciting. I’m working on a short for an anthology and it’s a great story centered around a great character and I can see where he might become the center of a novel someday. And while I’ve been pouring my talent and energy into this character’s story, I can actually feel myself recharging. That might have somewhat to do with the reality of our outdoor world. We’re up to 10 hours of daylight now and I spent yesterday afternoon writing in a pool of sunlight. And when I finish the short, I’ll knuckle down to my primary project once more, fully recharged and ready to go … with short breaks for water, sunlight and family.

And there you go – Recharge!

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7 responses to “Here Comes the Sun

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  1. The hot springs sound wonderful. And you have all that land! We are squeezed in here like sardines in a tin.


  2. The other day, i was thinking we’d reached a really nice balance of daylight around my personal schedule- then realized next weekend is the time change. Rats!


  3. It’s good to have options, and those are all lovely things to relax with!


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