Open Book Blog Hop – October 29th   1 comment

Stevie Turner

This week’s subject is:  ‘What would you do if you found £50 on the ground?’

Ha ha, this is a good one, and I have a few true (yes, all true) stories to tell that will let you know:

1.  Back in 1984 when Leon was a toddler, I was dismayed to discover one Saturday morning that after all the bills were paid I had just 50 pence left in my purse to last me the whole week.  With a sigh I opened the kitchen door to peg out the washing, and was astounded to see that many old type pound notes had fallen onto the grass.  I think they totalled about £50, which was a fortune for me then.

I looked up to check whether a benign presence was smiling at me from above (nope), and quickly picked up the notes before the wind could blow them away.  I…

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  1. Thanks Lela for the re-blog.

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