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Turns out, some of us bloghoppers were thinking about the same lines. I LOVE that when it happens.

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This week’s Open Book Blog Hop:  How do you see yourself vs how you think other people see you?

When I first saw the question for this week, I immediately jumped on my soapbox and orchestrated a monologue complete with sound effects, sing alongs, passionate musing, and a stirring call for action.  The topic of how well one person knows another is a central one of mine.  Because, frankly, my dearies, we don’t know each other.

Truly knowing another person takes years of time.  It takes engagement and effort and times of listening silence and contemplation and hours of meaningful conversation.  It takes quieting of stereotypes and hushing of ego.  It requires the realization that we all go through stages, and the situation you see somebody in right this moment is only a chapter of their life.  It takes wisdom and compassion and courage and acceptance.  And there’s not an…

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