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Don't be a snotApril 16, 2018 – A collection of bookish memes your audience can relate to.

Humor is a great way to connect with your audience, and positions itself as a highly-shareable content type. Is there a particular reading pet peeve you could create a narrative around? Or perhaps a favorite fandom your readers might enjoy, too? Pinterest is a great platform to find relevant images — just make sure to always credit back!

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Book v movieI hate movies made from books! Well, not really. I hate movies based on books where the director decided to ignore the book. I can actually enjoy a movie that doesn’t have every bit of dialogue, etc., in it, but more often than not, the difference is as  stark as the photo to your left. You know what I mean. You’ve read this beautiful lush novel filled with interesting characters and gorgeous details and you’re looking forward to the movie, but then it looks like the right half of the photo – dead, lifeless, missing most of its parts.

I feel so sorry for the other people in the movie theater … including my husband … because they’ll never know what they’re missing. They think the movie represents the book. They just didn’t have to “waste” a week after work reading it. Instead, they encapsulated it into a 1 hour and 46 minute dose of special effects and great costumes. They believe they got the better end of the deal when in fact they are consuming a picked-over meal. It’s like listening to a symphony on digital media and never realizing all the tones that are left out.

GoT North Remembers

Some directors do a better job than others. Peter Jackson left a few things from the Lord of the Rings book out of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the overall quality wasn’t reduced. Walden Entertainment tries to stick with the book fairly faithfully. The Hunger Games books were written cinematically, so a lot of what was in the books made it into the movies. And, trust me, even with eight seasons and counting, the television series couldn’t get all of the Game of Thrones books onto the screen. Although I haven’t yet had opportunity to view beyond the first season, I think the series is well done and doesn’t “ruin” the books. It’s just that it’s definitely not the same thing as reading the novels.

Iceberg comparisonReally folks, watching the movie is honestly not the same as reading the book. It’s more like reading the Cliff notes. And, when I hear people say “Oh, yeah, I saw the movie and it was awful, why would I read the book?” I think, “because the movie is not the book and if you only knew that, you would enjoy it so much more.” There’s just so much we lose out on when we “sample” literary works by way of film rather than consume the real deal. I love well-done film, but far too often, film eviscerates a well-written book. In my perfect world, every book would have a companion movie done as well as the book and based on the book … which surprisingly does happen with movies that end up being novelized. I’m not sure why it works that way … maybe because novel writers can see what’s on screen and just describe it, but screenwriters feel that they can reimagine what they’ve read.



Now, there are exceptions to this “the book is almost always better” rule. I’ve read many a great book in my life in many wonderful genres, but one reason I’m writing Transformation Project is because the available apocalyptic books weren’t all that good while television was and is creating fantastic content. You know what I mean — The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, The Last Ship, The Colony, even Z Nation. Books deserve to be that good and so, since I couldn’t find many that lived up to that standard, I’m writing them. By the way, this is the last day of a 99-cent sale on each of the books in that series. You could pick up all three for less than one costs you at full price.


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