Could the Democrats Lose in 2018?   Leave a comment

I think they might.

Typically, midterm elections swing toward the party that is not in the White House, but that’s not a set-in-concrete rule and the Democratic Party of Maryland may well prove the exception to the rule.

Bradley Manning (who likes to call himself Chelsea because he thinks he’d prefer to be a woman) has announced he’s running for Senate.

Yeah … really. It’ s not a joke.

Image result for image of bradley manningFelons can actually run for political office and it is possible for them to win. Manning’s sentence was not set aside; it was merely shortened to time served. A commutation is not the same thing as a pardon. A pardon wipes out the conviction. A commutation reduces the punishment for the conviction. So Bradley can run for public office. Sane people probably won’t vote for him, but we passed into Alice’s Wonderland some time ago.

The Democratic Party is splitting. Since the 1960s, it’s been composed of a left wing and a moderate wing. The moderate wing was and remains committed to gradual change by working through existing structures.  That was the Democratic Party of FDR and Truman, even Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton – focused on issues with a long-term goal. But now the left wing is asserting its energy – pushing for a more radical platform based on identity politics with a flavor-of-the-month zeitgeist. The radical progressives don’t care if what they want is a bad idea or if other people disagree with them. They want what they want and they want it now.

Bradley Manning is a perfect example of what they want – a man pretending to be a woman, suffering from known mental illness (suicidal depression) who gave unredacted government secrets to a pro-Russian journalist and spent a lot of time in the brig for it. They don’t care if he’s mentally stable or has any experience at governance (does that sound familiar?). They want a “transgender” in the Senate and, by gum and by golly, that’s what they’re going to get. The radical left are already going after incumbent Senator Ben Cardin for not backing illegal immigrants over programs assisting legal citizens. So, it is possible that the radical-left Democrats will push Manning to the nomination, where no sane person will vote for him, and then … well …

Among the 33 Class 1 Senate seats up for regular election in 2018, 23 are currently held by Democrats, two by independents who caucus with the Senate Democrats, and eight by Republicans. You can do the math. The odds are not in the Democrats favor that they can regain control of the Senate because they would have to hold onto all of those 23 sets and gain three more while Republicans only need to hold onto eight seats. Considering that more and more states are swinging Republican at the state level, it’s not a good time for the Democrats to irritate general election voters.

But it seems that Maryland might just do that.

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