What I Hate About Valentine’s Day?   4 comments


Valentine’s is this week. Chat about the most irritating thing about this event.


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Image result for image of valentine's day commercialisationHate might be a bit too strong of a word, but I do find a number of things very annoying about the day. Let me just concentrate on one.

Like almost every other holiday in the Western world that once meant something, Valentine’s Day (which really didn’t mean that much ever) has been reduced to commercial appeal. Buy, buy, buy! Grease up that Visa card. Take your love interest to dinner, buy flowers and candy and jewelry, maybe vacation in the Caribbean, and, last year, I caught a car dealership suggesting a new car was just the ticket to spice up your love life.

Americans are incredibly in debt. We were in deep debt when the financial collapse happened in 2008 and some of us learned to cut up our credit cards then, but recent news says we’re back wearing off those magnetic strips, so our debt is once more growing … and that’s a horrible idea. Yeah, yeah — flowers and expensive chocolates and bling-bling are all great … but what you’re really giving your loved one (if you’re married) is 30 years of paying it off.


I know a couple of have spent the last few years paying off 10’s of thousands of debt and for Valentine’s Day, they’ve invited a bunch of us who supported their efforts over for a potluck at their place. They’re showing the love by not spending a lot of money. Brad is voicing an audio book for me. That costs nothing except time. I’m almost done with matching couch quilts that set me back $40 over the space of a year. Our son asked if he could make his girlfriend dinner since we won’t be home. She’s bringing desert and a video rental, so the whole evening with set him back $20.

And Valentine’s Day might actually mean something this way because it won’t be about buying the “best” and most expensive gift and then paying it off forever until it costs 10 times more than it would have originally. My audio book may actually make me money.

How romantic is that?

4 responses to “What I Hate About Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Yes, it’s all about spending as usual – so money-grabbing these days. Good luck with your audio book!


    • So far, the production values have been good. He shuts down the heat to the room when he works to eliminate the background noise, which limits his sessions to about an hour (when the room drops from 70 degrees to about 55 degrees). He’s about halfway through, so we’ll see how things go when I’m doing the post-production. Hopefully he won’t get bored before he finishes.

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  2. Yep, buy, buy, buy. No thank you.


    • Yeah. It’s just part of the commercialization of America. We’ve been duped into believing that spending is the health of the economy and that savings is somehow harmful. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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