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January 1, 2018 – What are you most looking forward to this coming year?


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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions mainly because I try to avoid lying to myself, so I’m glad to see this different twist on a New Year’s Day blog hop.

Image result for image of new years planningWhat do I look forward to in 2018?

Our daughter claims she is coming to Alaska in her own car with her dog. She’s a bit of a rolling stone – not the dog, our daughter. A gypsy musician who works to support herself in her travels. We miss her A LOT. She’s the sort of person who fills up a house with her personality. She’s been home for visits, but I’m hoping she’ll spend some time on this visit, which won’t be until summer. I’m hoping she’ll decide she’s ready to settle down once she gets here. Time will tell.

Don’t get me wrong. I support her in her endeavors, but I miss her and wish she was within driving distance for a visit.

Beyond that, we’re supposedly FINALLY installing the finished floors in our living room and maybe in the kitchen this year and Brad has agreed to record one of my books for Audacity. Of course, I’ve got several writing projects calling my name and I will have to decide soon whether to return to the fourth book of Transformation Project or stick with the slow going to Fount of Wraiths. Good fantasy takes time and it is going well, but it is not as fast as a Transformation Project book to write. I also have a literary fiction and an alternative history that are both works in progress that I dabble with when I have time. Neither will likely be pushing in 2018, but you never know.

I think those of the top things I’m looking forward to, although I also think tax reform adding a couple of thousand dollars to my family revenue stream this year will allow us to make plans that aren’t even on our radar right now.

But life, as we should all know, is what happens while we’re making other plans, so I won’t get too wedded to these plans because things happen and plans change and that’s part of the adventure of life.

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3 responses to “Looking to the Future

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  1. Your daughter sounds a real live wire. The band that my son played in toured with quite a well known musician a few years back, but he soon realised that the life of a musician isn’t as glamorous as it’s made out to be!


    • Yeah, she has waitressed and picked vegetables in the fields with the migrant workers. These days she’s working in medical marijuana harvesting in California, which I HATE, but it pays well, so I try not to argue with her about it. She and her current band are planning a record and she’ll also record some of her own songs, but that’s not a guarantee of success, so I’m hoping she’ll settle down soon. And, I hope she decides to settle here because it is such a pain to fly in and out of this place. Long hours in the air and fairly high ticket prices. But, again, I can’t TELL her what to do. She has to decide that for herself.

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      • Yes, and she’ll be happier as she gets older having had the chance to do what she wanted to do. My son gave up playing in a band for fatherhood, but he always says that had he not gone touring he would have regretted it all his life.

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