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November 27, 2017 – Top 10 – Share your top 10 favorite movies, books or things to do.

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Top 10 Things I Like to Do?


  1.  Read a good book. I could list my top favorites, but I’m keeping it simple.
  2. Watch a good movie. Again, keeping it simple.
  3. Image result for image of yellow Lab rolling in snowWrite a good book. I do really get a charge out of creating a world and introducing characters that have something to say.
  4. Hike in the woods. Most Alaskans live here for either the culture (libertarian, live-and-let-live, out there honesty) or the wilderness. I’m not fit for any other culture and I do enjoy hiking in the woods, so long as it is fairly warm out.
  5. Hang out with like-minded friends. Our minds might meet on a variety of issues and diverge on one or two that make for enlightening conversation. Maybe we’ll meet around a bonfire or at someone’s house or in the rock pool at Chena Hot Springs Resort.
  6. Play a video game. Sometimes that’s what my mind needs to jump start its activity and it is something my husband and I enjoy doing together.
  7. Quilt. I haven’t completed a project in a few years, but I do enjoy the exacting nature of the work and the beautiful results following. It’s just another form of creativity.
  8. Listen to music. I have wide and varied tastes and often write when I’m listen to music.
  9. Play board games. This requires other people and that’s probably what I like best about it, the interaction with my fellow humans.
  10. Do a home improvement project. I know, that doesn’t sound like fun, and often it isn’t at the outset, but I love seeing the project come to its conclusion and the better feel of the house when it’s been done.
  11. You get a bonus here – because I looked outside the window while trying to decide on a photo for this post. I enjoy watching my dog play in the snow. She’s a Lab, so play is what she does and is. She can make anything into a game. It just so happens that today, she’s chest-deep in snow, running here, diving there — kind of looks like a dolphin, except in snow instead of water –  and then rolling over on her back to give herself a snow bath, all for paws in the air, rolling up with snow on her back and crusting her nose, shaking off and then plunging through the snow to a different spot and repeating the process. Who couldn’t enjoy seeing that?

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8 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things

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  1. Another blog-hopper with 3 of my favourite activities – reading, writing and being outside. We don’t live in the wilderness, just pretty countryside.


    • I spent Saturday on the roof in knee-deep snow because of a heating chimney emergency, so I’m not so enamored with our wilderness just now. Maybe when my calves no longer ache. But, naw, I just looked out the window and it’s one of those white and blue days. Hard not to love it, even if I don’t want to go outside right now.

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      • Wow, you’re made from pioneer stock that’s for sure! No snow here yet, just cold.


      • Necessity is the mother of hardiness. My house filling with diesel fumes or letting it freeze were the alternatives. By our standards it wasn’t that cold, but working with metal at any temperature below freezing is uncomfortable and of course, the roof is at an angle and we’ve had a greater than average snowfall so far this year. We got the chimney fixed temporarily. Permanent repairs will commence in March or April depending on when spring gets here.

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  2. Your pooch looks like our Chloe, may she RIP. She was a Minnesota native and had no problem with snow whatsoever.


    • Yeah, this one is always up to have fun or to participate in an activity she perceives we think is fun. She will swim in Interior Alaska’s cold-cold-cold rivers, climb mountains, cross swinging bridges in order to stay with us. She can sprint as fast as a North American Sled dog team, but she’s not hauling a load, of course. She can’t stay outside in the winter, though. She can’t keep her dog house warm enough. Before her Husky companion died a couple of years ago, she would snuggle up with the true outdoor dog and be just fine, but now that she’s solo she gets to live in the house full time. And she is a complete and total pet slut.

      Welcome aboard the blog hop, Lissa.


  3. I always enjoy watching my dog play outside. The carefree abandon he shows while romping is delightful.


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