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This is not new to me nor is it original to me. My friend Jon, who arguably has the spiritual gift of prophesy, suggested this 20+ years ago when pet microchipping for came out … that the day would come when it would be a widespread technology for humans and Christians would have to decide whether to submit to it or not.

Wisconsin firm Three Square Market (32M) announced a voluntary initiative last month for its employees to have microchips implanted in their hands. The company sells kiosks designed to replace vending machines. It’s beta testing this technology on its employees to show its kiosks’ ability to handle cashless transactions. Instead of paying with a credit card or a smartphone, a consumer could simply wave their hand across a scanner.

Related imageYup, a little voice in my head whispered “Mark of the Beast.”

One analyst called 32M’s initiative a PR stunt. If that was the intention, it worked, because the initiative sparked headlines worldwide.

“Chipping” has numerous benefits. You wouldn’t have to carry cash or a credit card to make payments, there’d be no need to carry keys, fobs or pass cards to enter secure areas, and presumably hackers wouldn’t be able to access the information on these encrypted chips.

Implantable microchips are experiencing increased acceptance world. Implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) chips are routinely embedded in domestic animals. An FDA-approved implantable microchip is available for Alzheimer’s patients and other persons deemed incapable of caring for themselves. In Sweden, Epicenter, a hub for high-tech start-ups, has made implantable microchips available for its workers and the employees of companies headquartered there. Several of my friends have considered chipping their children so they can be tracked if they are kidnapped.

It’s so very sci-fi to simply wave your hand across a scanner to pay for goods or services, open the door to your home, or identify yourself when you cross an international border. The technology for that future already exists, courtesy of a patent recorded by IBM. The patent application describes a process under which every manufactured product contains an RFID tag with a unique identification number. Each number is registered to the person who buys it. IBM also proposed that the government track people through their RFID tags using a “person tracking unit.” This device could zero in on RFID tags and track people in any public place.

An implantable microchip is an obvious person-tracking unit. When these technologies converge, we will have developed something that begins to resemble a Borg technology prototype … or the Mark of the Beast.

Consider the convenience! Microchips would replace all current forms of ID, so you would identify yourself at an airport or border crossing simply by swiping your hand across a scanner. Your chip would be tied to your bank account, so you would no longer need to carry cash. The chip could also include data on your family history, address, occupation, criminal record, income tax information, etc. An advanced microchip could be equipped with a satellite modem to allow you to browse the Internet anywhere on earth.

Now consider how that convenience would serve the ultimate police state. At the touch of a button, your assets could be frozen, medical treatment denied, etc. Instead of putting you in prison for crimes against the state or just holding the wrong opinions about some subject, the government could simply deactivate your chip and you would no longer exist in an official capacity. All personal and financial interactions would require verification of identity and confirmation of sufficient assets to be completed. You couldn’t buy groceries, take public transit, get in and out of your home or make your car start.

Proponents of implantable microchips tell us these concerns are fantasy. After all, our smartphones and other mobile technology are already collecting and sharing our personal data. It’s silly, they say, to believe such a nightmare scenario could happen because implantable chip use is voluntary. How voluntary will they be when they are required to access all the services you need to access to go about your day? I have options for when I want eat during the day, but eating really isn’t voluntary.

And voluntary could easily become involuntary. Maybe the government will decide to require all sex offenders to receive RFID microchip implants as a condition for avoiding prison or being paroled. The sex offenders could then be tracked by satellite. That sounds good, but then we’ve stepped onto a slippery conveyor belt that will be nearly impossible to reverse.

Related imageLobbyists might begin to funnel campaign contributions to politicians, urging them them to expand chipping to all parolees as a condition of release. Well, then after that successful initiative, they’ll argue that society would be safer if all convicted criminals had a chip implant. Pretty soon even jay-walkers and people who turned the wrong way on a one-way street are “voluntarily” chipped. Next, lawmakers will require workers in high-risk or high-security occupations – soldiers, police, prison guards, drivers transporting hazardous materials, etc. – to submit to chipping. But, wait, for safety’s sake, we really ought to chip anyone meeting a certain profile – gun owners, conservatives, persons working with children, etc.

And, remember, during all this currently-fictional-but-entirely-plausible buildup toward involuntarily chipping the entire population, there will be all those folks who “voluntarily” chip themselves for the convenience. The person who chooses not to be chipped will find it increasingly difficult to refuse to comply, until eventually, they find that they can’t refuse to comply.

Remember, when the government and do-gooders begin proposing chipping to track society’s “undesirables”, you may well be witnessing the birth of the Mark of the Beast.

Thus no one was allowed to buy or sell things unless he bore the mark of the beast–that is, his name or his number. Revelation 13:17

Jon has offered several prophesies over the years and they have so far all come true, including a personal one that I am not free to share the details of, but made me a believer not in Jon, but in God’s ability to work through Jon.

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