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Today’s interview is with Samantha Ryan Chandler. Welcome to the blog. How did you get the idea of your 1st book?

Chandler Author PicThe book is not about an idea. It is about my life. If I had not lived it, I can assure you, I would never think what I went through was possible. I had to write my story. There were two motivating factors in writing such a raw and vulnerable account of my life. I needed my three girls to know the truth about their mommy, and as a child of God, I had to see where He was in my life in times that just could not be understood. How could evil overtake me? I had to know God was involved when it looked like pure evil. Like Job of the Old Testament, all was lost in a breath. I described the 22-year marriage to a very wealth man that decided to destroy me, taking my child and trying to throw me on the street with nothing … all in the name of greed.

In the chapter titled: When Pollyanna Marries Darth Vader, I encountered massive distortion powered by ‘people of important’ and money that sullied my name. I cannot allow someone to rewrite truth so they can win in the name of greed. In a blink of the eye, I watched my whole world change.


Why Pollyanna and Darth Vaer as lead characters?

I had to! Darth Vader is a very rich and prominent man in the large city we lived in. He could buy judges as well as “truth”. He planned my demise for five years prior to executing his plan. I did not know who to trust and lived in fear. I truly thought for years he was capable of killing me. DV loves to take people to court. I avoided this by giving everyone mentioned fake names such as Darth Vader. Even my children are called 1st Bably, Middle Baby and Baby Baby.

After 12 years since this all happened, I still sleep with my bedroom door locked.


Wow, what an incredible thing to go through. Tell us about your writing process?

Chandler A Love Story CoverWell, I must say my style could be called peculiar as I did not write to a reader. I wrote to myself. I started with times in my life that were unsettling or horrific. These earlier times, I did not know God, but I could easily see as I wrote that He knew me. He was there in a particular time that should by all accounts have taken my life. In writing, I started to see I had a purpose. Not to spoil the end of my book, but I must say the last sentence is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever said. If you were to rush to the back and read first…it would not have the impact that leads a reader to understand the emotion behind it. Having said this, I love to hear from readers. All I ask is, if you read my story please have an emotion…please feel something. If not, then I have failed.

Was it your intention to write a story with a message or a moral?
Having written all of the above, this causes a pause.  It is both. I had to write my story so truth about me and my character had a voice. I cannot allow someone to sully my reputation and the way I lived out my beliefs. Maybe the message was for DV…maybe about me. There is a moral message, evil does not win. My book has scriptures woven throughout my writings. These were scriptures I held on to as I was falling down the hole that I was pushed down. I felt like Alice in Wonderland when she saw things that made no sense. Scripture is God’s promises to us. If Samantha says something there is room for it to change or not happen. If God says it…it is not a suggestion.
 I do a good amount of TV and radio interviews and invariably I hear from listeners. Many are reaching out to know there is life at the end of your “trial”. I always give out a way to contact me, email and my cell phone. I can remember a time after a TV interview, I got a call on my cell phone from someone in audience. I pulled my car over to a parking lot and just listened. She needed someone to talk to.  I didn’t have answers to her problem but I could listen.
What is something you cannot live without?
No hesitation or thought…my three girls.
Do you ever have writers block?
Yes, I have it now.  I started writing a book with my husband of 1 year. It is fiction and loosely based on our lives prior to meeting. David writes a chapter to me and then I pick up where I think it should go and send it back to him. I have not heard of this style before but it is making for an interesting story as I do not know what he will write. All I can tell you that we both know, is that; the male character sees my character entering a post office and that I have a mail box. He then begins to write to me and I do not know who he is. It’s a love story.
Do you write specifically for a Christian audience?
I am a Christian but I do not mention this except when I quote New Testament. I made it about God and me. I have had Jewish people read my book.
What are some of the special challenges of being a Christian writer?
I have a review on Amazon that comes to mind. Please remember that my cover is my hand reaching up to the Heavens with a hand coming down holding mine. Incidentally, this is my hand on the cover. Look at the title…does it not spell out God?  The reviewer said my book had too much “God” in it!!  I was stunned they even bought it but more shocked they bothered to criticize it for it’s purpose. It was 1 star.
Who designed you book cover?
I did the theme and my “middle baby” did the art and the photography.  I have a small chapter on seeing God’s hand come down and hold mine while I was in labor…for the same baby that did the art. On the back cover has  me in a cemetery sitting on a tombstone that has a cross behind my shoulder. We went to New Orleans where I am from to a very old cemetery that all are monuments. The hard bound copy has this at the bottom of the page, “We do not fight for victory – We fight from victory
Any more question you might need or have?
404 824 0229 cell






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