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It’s really starting to look like the United States of America is at war with itself. We haven’t yet begun to kill one another as we did in 1861-65, but we’re plunging headlong toward shredding ourselves.

When I wrote Hullabaloo on Main Street, I didn’t need to look far for inspiration. The media was filled with articles such as When a Red State Moves to a Blue State. PBS, which has been utterly ignorant of main street America for the decade I’ve been watching it actually has done some interviews with red state residents, which they then contrasted with the panic of blue state residents over the election of Donald Trump. I think they stopped running those interviews because even the Propaganda Bureau of Socialism (PBS) recognized how unexpectedly reasonable Trump voters sounded compared to those mourning the Clinton campaign.

Image result for image of clapper comey cabalBut it’s more than just how we feel about the election. As someone who didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton, I see this perhaps more clearly than those who have a dog in the fight. It sure does suck to lose an election. Committed democrats suddenly start applying to government to overturn the democratic process, forgetting that the United States was established as a republic, and in a republic, sometimes, the minority opinion wins, prepared for it or not.

This time around, it’s not Northern versus Southern states … or, if you subscribe as I do to the multiple causation theory of the Civil War …, industrialists attempting to usurp landowners, or the moral question of slavery. The current war is due to powerful factions within the political class not willing to accept the election of Donald Trump.

As far as the ruling class is concerned, Donald Trump was not supposed to win the presidential election of November 2016. Hillary Clinton’s deep connection to the foreign policy establishment and corporate news media made her the favored candidate. Her more hawkish outlook encouraged the establishment’s desire to extend the United States’ global hegemony, which Trump’s avowed stance to normalized relations with Russia threatened to derail those ambitions.

Of course, America’s rulers are varied in their opinion depending on their particular policy emphasis. Trump’s proposals for cutting taxes was bound to appeal to the powerful Wall Street and corporate factions among America’s power elite. This may make it seem that they are indifferent about the actual election result or even pleased by it. But is that where the real power lies?

With the rise of the surveillance state, we ought to recognize within the political class is a foreign policy establishment that straddles the politicians in Washington. This is the deep state — the intelligence community and the security-military apparatus, the CIA, Pentagon and their assets and class sympathizers within the corporate media. These hold a hostile view of President Trump and have the power to sustain a political war against his presidency.

Examples? The whole Russia “hacking the US elections” scandal just keeps running regardless of any objective evidence that it happened. The media and the political elite keep bringing it up, but James Clapper, former National Intelligence Director, has given more than one media interview where he reiterated that he has seen no evidence of “collusion” between the Trump election team and Russian state agents. Clapper and the former FBI chief James Comey continually hint at a Russia-gate scandal, but they never present any evidence. It plays into the long-standing American paranoia of Russia and many Americans buy into the supposition that where there’s smoke there’s fire, but it’s really looking like dry-ice fog used to cover behind-the-scenes.  They should either put up or shut up. For to not do is nothing less than political witch-hunting. The purpose of which is to undermine President Trump’s mandate. And it is all given full vent by politicians and media who wittingly or unwittingly rally behind the American paranoia of Russophobia.

Hullabaloo Front CoverI don’t care for President Trump’s personality. That’s why I didn’t vote for him. I am uncomfortable with his pal-type politics, but while President Obama was more publicly restrained in his cronyism, he also played at putting people who he owed political favors to in positions of power. I knew, because I’d watched her operate, that Hillary would be just as bad in the department, if not worse. Thus, I voted for someone didn’t display a similar history. Not many other people voted for him, so … like it or not, Donald Trump was constitutionally elected to the presidency. If you’re a committed democrat, it sure does suck if you lose an election … but if you’re trying to overthrow that election, you’re refusing to accept the results of American-style democracy.

It seems clear that there are elite interests within the US ruling class who do not accept American democracy and the mandate of President Trump’s electors. This fundamental revelation lays bare the very heart of American democracy. We’re told it’s the best in the world, but the ruling class is unwilling to accept the results of the last presidential election. They’re using unsupported claims of Trump being a Russian agent and how he couldn’t have won the election without Russian cyber-hacking to cover up a brazen anti-democratic assault on the electorate.

The people fanning the allegations are powerful enough to make sure the witch-hunt remains a dominate focus in public life and to do so without producing a shred of evidence for a good long time.

Consider recent history. President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because he fumbled the Clinton email investigation and was grandstanding over the Russia-gate probes. The media claimed this was evidence that Trump is covering up his alleged Russian links.

Ah, but the public started to grow bored when no evidence was produced, so then the US media became full of claims that President Trump leaked highly classified information on Islamic State terrorists to Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov during their closed-door meeting at the White House. If so, he risked exposing intelligence agents in Syria and it is well known that the only US-allied country that has infiltrated intelligence agents in Syria is Israel.

In the Clapper interview cited earlier, he said the US was being attacked both externally by the Russians and internally by President Trump “assaulting state institutions”. He offered no evidence. It’s all rhetoric, used to undermine a sitting president through innuendo. The presidency is being assaulted by people like Clapper and the establishment who are refusing to acknowledge President Trump’s electoral mandate.

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov alluded to this when he said that America was “humiliating itself” by making the unfounded claims that Russia subverted its presidential election. How can the supposedly most powerful nation on Earth be so vulnerable to alleged Russian hackers? There’s been no evidence of actual voter manipulation. It would be difficult to the point of impossibility for anyone to hack 51 separate state-based election systems, many of them further decentralized at the community level. If Russia was behind the release of DNC emails (remember, only Wikileaks has taken credit), all they did was release information that American voters had a right to know. The voters themselves voted according to their feelings about the disclosures found in the material. That shouldn’t be against the law and it shouldn’t be something we go nuts over. Informed voters are a very good thing.

The people attacking American democracy (which works through a republican system) are American, not Russian or anyone else. The country is at war with itself. It is its own worse enemy, harming itself by flailing around with paranoid fears over non-existent threats.

America’s Civil War II is underway. It’s a war over whether democracy in this country exists or not and whether we want a pure democracy that has never worked out well in history or to continue with a republican form of government that protects social and regional minorities’ right to be heard and to have a voice in national politics. I pray we don’t start shooting at one another. It would be better if we the people stopped believing every bit of falsehood oozing out of the national media and started talking to our neighbors as if we were fellow Americans and not enemy combatants.

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