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Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re writing about what inspires us.

I’m an aesthete and can be inspired in many ways.  I’ll list a few of them below (not in any particular order).

  1. Nature in all its glory, especially an early morning walk when the sun is rising and the birds are twittering.
  2. A panoramic view over rolling hills and dales (I could stand and gaze at a good view for hours!).
  3. Watching a rushing river or meandering stream. Don’t know why – just like doing it.
  4. Reading names and epitaphs on gravestones.
  5. Sitting in my den in the garden, which is enclosed by trees and greenery.  Nobody can see in, but I can see out!
  6. A kind word or gesture.
  7. Selflessness.
  8. Endurance.
  9. Triumph over adversity.
  10. A particular song or piece of music.
  11. Some books and/or poetry.
  12. Listening and watching the wind rustling a huge tree in full leaf.
  13. Watching a…

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