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Today’s interview is with Raven H. Price, who I have been retweeting often. Welcome to the blog, Raven. Tell us something about yourself.

Raven Price Author PicI am from Leesburg, GA, a small town a few miles north of Albany, GA.  I am a wife, mother and grandmother who retired from government service in 2014, to write and travel.


At what point, did you know you wanted to be a writer?

In 2010, I was inspired to write a fantasy/romance based on my own life’s story.  I lived through several heart-breaking events and felt sharing them in an entertaining manner would inspire and encourage other women to be more careful with relationships and seek a life with Jesus first.



What is your favorite genre … to read … to write?

I love to read fantasy and romance novels so, when I began writing, it was natural for me to incorporate the two genres.



I’m a big fan of writers who write the books they want to read. What are you passionate about?

Raven Price The PlanShowing people love, respect and acceptance regardless of their beliefs, lifestyles or sexual orientations.



Have you written any books that made a transformative effect on you?

Yes.  While I was writing THE PLAN, I realized if I didn’t write truthfully as well as in a fictional manner I would lose a reader’s interest.  I found myself crying many times and came to realize being a judgmental person had to die.  It was then I promised myself to be open-minded and show respect to people as much as possible.



Do you find yourself returning to any recurring themes within your writing and, if so, are you any closer to finding an answer?

Sort of.  The Plan, my first book is a stand-alone, but the other three are a trilogy call The Paradigm Shift Trilogy.   Convicted (Book 1) has an abusive theme involving physical abuse, Convinced (Book 2) has a mental abuse twist where Commissioned (Book 3) is a fantasy explaining why physical and mental issues are intertwined.



I’m going to drop you in a remote Alaska cabin for a month. It’s summer so you don’t have worry about freezing to death. I’ll supply the food and the mosquito spray. What do you do while you’re there and what do you bring with you? If you’re bringing books, what are they?

Raven Price ConvictedI usually write early in the mornings and after lunch I love sitting quietly in a natural environment.  Communing with what is around me clears my mind and opens my heart for a more enjoyable relationship with Jesus.  I like reading so I’d probably have a few romance novels to read in the evenings, such as Nora Roberts & J.D. Robb books.



Talk about your books individually.

Rather than talk about my books I will post the blurbs.


THE PLAN: As a young child, Rachel Parody has a very special relationship with Jesus. By his side, she explores a magical place, is comforted, and encouraged to not live in fear. Over time, Rachel and Jesus lose contact and evil demons use their time of separation to steer her into the ways of the world. Not until her heart is completely broken and her mind is convinced she is headed for hell will she seek a face-to-face encounter again with her Saviour. At the age of thirty-four, Rachel learns to rely and depend on her childhood friend once again. He teaches her the truth and then introduces her to the love of her life.
Because of her horrific past, many years later, Rachel’s need to be a good example for young women in her church drives her to worry over their romantic influences. When she notices a series of books and movies enslaving them with lustful desires, her interest gets piqued. After investigating the books, these stories don’t repulse her but become a catalysis for Rachel to share the love of Jesus with these girls. But the fantasy appeal of the characters enthralls the girls more than helping them see there is a true immortal named, Jesus. She tried many ways to share how this love story between a mortal and a vampire was written from references out of the Bible’s ‘Song of Solomon.’ but no one would listen.
Once Rachel realizes her efforts were futile, she asks Jesus to calm her obsession and send someone who could reach the younger generation with His loving nature. Instead of sending Rachel help, Jesus convinces her to write her own story. Exposing her past was not in Rachel’s plan, but giving her life away as an example was His.
Will Rachel tell everything?


CONVICTED (Book 1 of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy)

Raven Price ConvincedThis book was previously published as The Conversion (Book 1 of the Harvesting Machine Trilogy)
Convicted (Book 1 of the Paradigm Shift Trilogy) begins the story by explaining how after being beaten and emotionally bruised by two ex-husbands, Hope Anderson seeks the comfort she once felt within her family church. Upon her first visit back, she sits on the last row to secure her anonymity. Desperate to find comfort and acceptance, Hope felt judgmental eyes instead. Regularly plagued by fear and paranoia, Hope seeks counsel and finds it through a female evangelist on television. The woman’s depiction of love and her explanation of a spiritual journey prompts Hope to ask God for the same. He grants her request. Hope is taught how to pray effectively because of her journey with the Holy Spirit. With intercession, Hope is also granted supernatural gifts of spiritual sight and hearing. She faces demons bravely through her faith in the Holy Spirit to help others.
When Hope’s journey is over, she does not turn her back on her church or on her colleagues at work. Convicted, she boldly stands and fights for them using her superpowers. It is through this process that Hope learns to love herself and other people and to forgive.
Living happily with her Lord, Hope is faced once again with what caused her immense fear and paranoia. The fight for her life begins, and it is the worst physical and spiritual battle imaginable!


CONVINCED (Book 2 of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy)

Raven Price CommissionedA prophecy is starting over. Heaven holds a meeting so the last piece of a puzzle can be found. Jesus chooses Gina Grimes, a strong willed, self-serving and unchurched young woman to complete the team.
For Jesus’ plan to work, the Holy Spirit has to first convince Gina her lifestyle isn’t great. He uses Caylee Sellers, Gina’s happy-go-lucky co-worker, to convince her there is a better life with the Lord. Once Gina submits to Jesus, he sends her a guardian angel. But when the angel called Ox arrives on the scene to guard her, he sees that Satan is already focused on Gina and is determined to ruin or kill Jesus’ new convert before the Lord’s seed of faith can take root.
A battle of wills begins and in the process Gina gets physically hurt. To counter act the situation Satan caused, the Holy Spirit uses another strategy on Gina to produce an effect that will shape her outlook and give her a supernatural way to contour nearly every action and thought.
While Gina physically heals, the Holy Spirit makes sure Gina finds new friends who are also equipped with guardian angels and various powers. Jesus’ plan starts working. Gina gains strength with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Ox’s presence and her new friend’s assurance. Will she find what she craves before all hell breaks out?


COMMISSIONED (Book 3 of the Paradigm Shift Trilogy) picks up where Convinced left off. After Gina Grimes places Satan under her feet, Jesus declares a war. One factor remained before He could follow through with His war. God, insisted He free Satan’s harlot before proceeding with the annihilation.
After Jesus releases the harlot, for one year, the Holy Spirit, also known as Whisperer, will narrate the story behind the commissioned. He will lead readers through more escapades involving the heroes and heroines of the first two books while explaining how they harvest souls for God’s kingdom. After telling how Pastor Craig Reed is transformed into the vessel God uses to preach the true meaning of love, Jesus unleashes his final battle that affects the old harlot and gives her a purpose.
Who is this harlot that Jesus redeems? Why did God insist she be saved from Satan before Jesus started a war? How is she transformed to create a paradigm shift for mankind to follow? Find the answer to these questions and see how her decision and actions affect all of humanity.




What influenced your decision to self-publish?

I had a previous contract with another publisher, but the books were priced too high and it forced me to rethink my career.  Self-publishing was a great decision.



Price is so important when it comes to selling books. You would think publishers would know that, but they don’t seem to. What do you find to be the greatest advantage of self-publishing?

I love being in total control of my work.


Conversely, what do you think self-published authors might be missing out on?

The only thing I miss is having someone’s help with marketing and planning book signing events.



Who designed your book cover/s?



Do you belong to a writer’s cooperative? Describe your experience with that.

Yes.  I belong to South Georgia Writer’s Guild.  All of the authors share helpful tips, encouragements as well attending events together.




Do you write specifically for a Christian audience? Why or why not?

I am a Christian fiction writer, but my books are not just geared to a Christian audience.   All women, not just Christian women will enjoy my books because they are sweet romances with fantasy elements that will keep their interests.


What are some of the special challenges of being a Christian writer?

People think since you write Christian themed books that you will be a preachy, judgmental writer.  I’m the opposite of this.  I try to inspire, and encourage women who feel forgotten, abused, and weak.  I love empowering my readers with hope and happy endings.


Christians are told to be “in the world, but not of it.” As a Christian writer, how do you write to conform to that scripture?

I’m glad you asked.  I truly believe in a spiritual existence, where we can be better people, know true love and grow as strong, well-rounded people.  Without having a sense of a pure undefiled place, our realities would cause our brains to malfunction.  Everyone must be able fantasize, dream or wish upon the proverbial star.  I write a lot about the spiritual realm where angels live and fight for us.


How do readers find you and your books?






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