Military Spending Trajectory on Course   Leave a comment

Related imageBill Clinton
increased the military budget from $302 billion in 2000 to $313 billion in 2001.

George W. Bush increased military spending from $357 billion in 2002 to $465 billion in 2004 and then to $621 billion in 2008.

Barack Obama (he who won the Nobel “Peace” prize) increased military spending from $669 billion in 2009 to $711 billion in 2011, then supposed decreased it to $596 billion in 2017 (I’m skeptical).

And now Donald Trump wants to increase the military budget to $650 billion for 2018.

So, Clinton increased the military by $11 billion, Bush increased it by $264 billion, and Obama increased it by $42 billion. Trump’s increase of $54 billion is on the same trajectory as his predecessors. I’m not saying that is a good thing. I’m suggesting that we should be freaking out over the overall trend, not because one specific president is doing it.



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