Cue the Progressive Whining about the Demise of the Arts   1 comment

Have you heard? President Donald Trump has proposed that funding be cut to a whole slew of agencies, including the National Endowment for the Arts. Oh no! There will not be anymore music, painting, acting or dancing. We must DO SOMETHING!

Image result for image of ballet dancersMy daughter has always been a creative soul. Mom’s a novelist. I suppose that makes sense. She was drawing good pictures with her crayons at three and she colored inside the lines. She loved to sing and did so at every opportunity. When she was old enough, she informed us that she wanted to take ballet lessons, which progressed into jazz lessons, and hiphop lessons, and ballroom, highland, tap, and Polynesian dancing.

She went to private schools until high school, so arts often were not part of the curriculum, but we paid for private lessons and my brother (who is older than us and had grandchildren late) kept her well-supplied in art supplies and bought her an electronic keyboard. Brad plays guitar so she learned that instrument from him. I taught her poetry, which finds its way into her lyrics (yes, she writes songs too).

She is now a bluegrass musician (though she’s thinking about going to culinary college now to provide a steady job that pays a living wage). Her room remains filled with art projects and she’s talking about possibly concentrating on her drawing and metal art more than her music in the future. She still dances for fun and while she probably can’t go on pointe, she can still do some amazing things on the dance floor.

My point?

Image result for image of bluegrass busking

My daughter didn’t need the National Endowment for Arts to be an artist, musician, dancer or actress (yeah, she does that too). She just decided she was going to do it and she did. Alaska is, by the way, filled with creatives. Many of us have other jobs to pay the rent, but we create because that is who we are. Sometimes we sell what we create and sometimes it is for our own amusement. I think if I were to poll my fellow Alaska creatives, I wouldn’t find very many who have gotten grants from the Endowment. They probably didn’t bother to apply because they know it’s a rigged system that primarily funds elites, but they still create and their creative world will not end if the Endowment is no longer funded by the government. Hopefully, eventually, if the government actually spends less money, our taxes will come down so that it will be easier for private individuals to fund creative endeavors, both for their own work and for the work of others. And, no, having a job that pays the bills does not diminish your art. As a writer, I find it gives me a source for my writing. Otherwise, I’d be sitting at home staring at four walls and not be able to crib off my coworkers’ personality eccentricities.


One response to “Cue the Progressive Whining about the Demise of the Arts

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  1. Interesting article, and some great points. I do believe that if you truly want to do something, there is always a way to make it happen.


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