Republicans Have No Plan?   1 comment

Image result for image of obamacare failureWe all remember when America’s streets were strewn with the bodies of the neglected and dead. Before Obamacare began to cover people with medical insurance, people were dying right and left and it was HORRIBLE! And the Republicans have no viable plan to replace Obamacare, so riot in the streets to protect the only health care coverage that has ever worked in the United States.

No, I haven’t become a pod person. I’m just stating what the Democrats are doing as they focus on this myth that Obamacare is working for most Americans. They must create the impression that no viable alternatives exist. According to pundits on CNN and PBS, the Republicans haven’t produced a viable comprehensive plan that replace the unAffordable Care Act.

Most progressive pundits don’t consider a replacement plan “serious” if it doesn’t meet the following criteria:

  • expensive
  • highly regulatory
  • forces Americans to participate through a series of mandates


If that’s the definition of a plan, we can hope the GOP never comes up with one. If we’re talking a proposal that will actually accomplish something, the GOP has several plans.

The speaker of the House has come up with one and there are numerous other conservative plans being floated. Figuring out a way to turn them into legislation that can pass both houses and meet the approval of a new populist president will probably take more than a couple of weeks.

Remember, it took the Democrats several months to work out their plan … and it didn’t turn out well. They had been talking and scheming to reform the health-care system for decades and they still trotted out a reform plan that failed … a reform plan that anyone with a modicum of economic intelligence knew would fail from the moment it was proposed … hence all those town halls asking for Congress to stand against it. Then Democrats had to drop the public option and redo their abortion coverage to make the bill politically palatable to the moderate Democrats. Then they passed the basic structure of Obamacare without worrying about any Republican opposition in the Senate, only later being forced to use reconciliation to make it acceptable for the Democrats in the House.

It’s possible Republicans are embracing a newfound competence by avoiding those political pitfalls and looking for consensus on timelines and specifics that will make it more feasible. Most likely, we’ll get to watch sausage be made again.

Democrats know their policy promises have failed, but they still perpetuating the myth that there are no replacement plans, acting as if coverage can only exist through fake state-run exchanges or welfare.

Don’t worry! Today’s “they have no plan!” is tomorrow’s “that plan is extremist!”

Yeah, the Democrats will insist that the replacement plan must be conceptually or functionally similar to Obamacare, but that’s not really true. The main failures of Obamacare are its comprehensiveness, massiveness, complexity, and rigidity. It might be better to pass replacement legislature piecemeal.

For instance, the GOP can start by overturning the “nondiscrimination rule” that assaults religious freedom. They can get rid of the individual mandate. They can cut funding to abortion unPlanned Parenthood  They can deregulate to bring down costs and grant waivers that allow states to innovate in ways previously closed to them. Democrats demanded change overnight. The GOP doesn’t have to do the same.

Yes, Republicans will need to convince the American people on the wisdom of market-based solutions. They will have to contrast that vision with the top-down economics adopted by the Left. They are likely adopt some of the more popular aspects of Obamacare like coverage for preexisting conditions. I’m not sure how they plan to pay for it without a mandate if the tradeoff is deregulation of Obamacare’s most intrusive components, it would be worthwhile in the long run.

They will also have to deal with Medicaid expansion. The the vast majority of Obamacare’s “newly insured” are actually new welfare recipients. They will have to answer Democratic claims that “millions of Americans will lose insurance, and thousands more will die unnecessarily each year because of lack of care.” Republicans will have to convince voters that opening up affordable and competitive markets without coercion is preferable to preserving unsustainable state-run programs that grow in perpetuity.

So, can they do it? They’re making a good start, despite what Democrats would have us believe otherwise.

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