No Equivalency Between “the Resistance” and “the Tea Party”   8 comments

So one of my socialist (oops, social worker) friends is trying to convince me that the “Resistance” movement against Trump is the same (or at least very similar) to the Tea Party movement eight years ago.

Carlene, aside from the fact that they are both protest movements against the policies of the current president, there is no political, moral or even structural equivalency.

Image result for image of republican and democrat tug-of-warFirst, the Tea Party was an overwhelmingly peaceful and legal movement. They gathered in parks with permits, waved signs, shouted slogans and then went home to work their jobs. They weren’t firebombing cars, smashing store windows or blocking traffic. Even the famous “racial slur” on the Capitol steps was never proven with any evidence, despite the fact that the TV cameras caught 100s of cellphones recording the event. They also started as a grassroots movement, partially flowing from the 2008 Ron Paul candidacy, but then spontaneously galvanized by the Obamacare fight. It started out without much of a budget and had to play catchup to fund its goals, while the current “Resistance” is heavily funded by existing liberal progressive outfits.

Moreover, the teaparty were regular patriotic Americans who started out arguing against a policy that would increase the size of government astronomically and reduce everybody’s freedom. When their immediate anger had been vented and they realized they couldn’t win by peacefully waving signs, they turned to looking inside the Republican Party to challenge those Republican leaders who had never practiced what they preached … free markets, lower regulation, lower spending, limited and smaller government As they did this, they were physically attacked by Democratic operatives, verbally smeared by the biased media and castigated by the Republican Party leadership as miscreants and idiots who should just go home and be led by their betters.

But they didn’t give up.

The tea party went to political town halls in 2009 and said:

  • we want government out of our lives
  • we want you politicians to adhere to the Constitution
  • we want less government, limited government
  • we prefer freedom and liberty
  • we’ll take care of ourselves if you get out of our way.


The “resistance” movement, instead, is demanding more government that intrudes more deeply into our lives, which require less adherence to the Constitution and they are absolutely opposed to freedom and liberty. They scream “do your job” and demand Congress:

  • to control people
  • give us more government
  • give us more handouts
  • give us more taxes
  • give us more regulation
  • take from others to give to us, so we don’t have to take care of ourselves


Related imageThe “Resistance” are resisting the Constitution. They do not seek liberty, but tyranny. They claim they are “the People”, but they are not the people the Constitution was meant to govern. Ben Franklin warned us in 1789 that we had “a republic, if you can keep it.” Ben was prescient. We’re at the moment he predicted. The Constitution was more durable than he probably thought, but it’s about to go down into the dustbin of history if we don’t wake up and resist “the Resistance.”

I don’t think Trump was what most tea partiers wanted when they began their protests in 2009. He’s a strong man who is promising to fix stuff with more government. There are a few things I like about his policies … reducing regulation and installing reformers in his cabinet, but he’s at best an interim relief from the strangling power of the statists. I know when I talk to my tea party friends, many of them thought if they just got an outsider into the White House things would be better. Some of us knew that it would take more … years of education, thousands of conversations, and no rest for our minds. We cannot become complacent now. This is just the first step on a very long and arduous journey.

Let’s not forget that the Republican Party still has a lot of progressives dug into the structure. These are the weak links who want to go along to get along, who have no spine to resist the tactics of the far left who demand they “give the people what they want. Recent history should have shown us that some Republicans have an ideology not far removed from the goals of the Left.

Have you asked yourselves what the resistance movement is protesting? It’s sort of hard to pin it down, right. The marches have included thousands of different issues, resembling uncoordinated mobs with every cause represented from transgender rights to population control and environmental extremists. They are protesting America as founded under the Constitution. How do I know that? They argue the Constitutional election results should be set aside to conform to the media fantasy of a national popular election that has never existed. They protest biological truth and individuality. They protest private property and capitalism. They argue for socialism and communism and the institution of fascism.

Image result for image of partisan control of us states 2017Fascism, among other things, involves government control of private enterprise and abrogation of individualism into the collective and that’s what they’re arguing for. That’s the very thing the tea party argued against. If you go back and study it, you find the tea party mobilized to stop crony capitalism … to stop government from picking private business winners and losers. That’s why they objected to the “stimulus”, the unAffordable unCare Act and green-energy examples like Solydra. All these are crony-capitalist ventures.

I think a lot of tea partiers lost their way during the Trump campaign. They didn’t want to admit that he agrees with the left-wing belief that government should pick the winners and losers. No, we shouldn’t join the protests in the streets, but yes, we cannot be complacent. We need to keep going in the direction that we started.Take a deep breath, fellow

Take a deep breath, fellow tea partiers. Face the fact that pulling things back into the Republican wheelhouse is just one partially successful battle. There’s still a long way before the real war is won. I’m a nonpartisan, so I see that the Republican party is not going to be the salvation of the country. Neither is Donald Trump. We the People are the sovereigns according to the Constitution. Those tea partiers must come back to where we stood in 2009 and face the fact that there must be a stark difference between us and “the Resistance.” Their goal is to drag the country back further to the left as Obama attempted to. Our goal is to return to the Constitutional Republic we were founded to be. Understand that the spineless Republicans will cause more damage to the republic if we allow it. Personally, I’m going to continue to vote for Libertarians in an attempt to hand the revival over to people who actually understand the goal.

So what do we do over the next three years until the next presidential race gets underway?

Don’t sit down to rest. Yeah, I know, it’s been a tough eight years and we’re happy to see some movement in the right direction. It’s not over yet. Trump likes government. He’s not the savior you’re looking for … although I find him very entertaining, in a soft horror movie kind of way. Republicans are in charge of 32 states and in partial control of 37. That’s good. We really could thank Barack Obama’s tyranny and tea party activism for that. While Democrats gleefully gloated about how they were the “new majority” in the country that could not be beaten, Republicans quietly took over the states and ignited a conservative grass fire. We’ve had a highly successful eight years while the Democrats gloated. We should learn from that. Don’t gloat! This is a move in the right direction, but the battle continues. We have to plan our next steps.

Our first step starts with a recognition that there is a vast difference between us and “the Resistance” and that the Republicans in Congress are spineless and easily hijacked because they too believe in big and growing government that will continue to damage the republic if we allow it.

Communism is the logical conclusion of socialism as represented by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The Democratic Party is this weekend deciding if that will be their mainstream for the future.  Socialism hasn’t really worked out well for us. Social Security is bankrupt. Medicare isn’t far behind. The federal government is $21 trillion in debt. But the socialists want more. The tea party protests managed to stop Congressional Republicans from expanding Medicaid, but Republicans in several states did it anyway, which may make it impossible to repeal Obamacare, forcing Congress to replace it with something that will be just as liberty-killing, but will have a less hateful name.

We need to understand that this is a war for the direction of this nation. It won’t be won with one election and probably not with a dozen. We can’t sit and wait while the “Resistance” claim they are the same as the tea party. They’re trying to make a case that they should sweep Congress in the midterms in 2018. The “Resistance” is not the same as the “Tea Party”. They are resisting the Constitutional Republic of America. We can’t allow them to continue to claim equivalency. We need to make it clear in intelligent and respectful tones that “the Resistance” is out to destroy America as we know it.


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8 responses to “No Equivalency Between “the Resistance” and “the Tea Party”

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  1. That’s a strong PoV. Bearing in mind, I know little of your system.


    • Last Friday, both PBS and BBC World News were saying the Resistance is essentially the Democratic equivalent of the Tea Party.

      I make my case in the article. The Tea Party were attempting to use peaceful protest to influence the political process while the Resistance is demanding the overthrow of the Constitutionally elected president, by violent means if needed, up to an including a military coup.

      I’m not sharp on your system either, but if I remember correctly, your parliament selects the Prime Minister, so they can remove him/her from office if the people demand it. Is that correct?

      Here in US, the people decide who the President will be through a federal system – 51 statewide popular elections. Trump won 30 of them. Those marching in the streets want that set aside to go with the popular nation wide vote, which has never been the way the US picks the President. Congress has no control over who becomes President either, so unless Trump commits a crime while in office, they can’t remove him. And, if they did, VP Mike Pence would become President. The protesters wouldn’t be happy with that. They want Hillary, even though she lost by the system we’ve used in every election since 1789.

      They have a right to protest policies they don’t like. They don’t have the right to advocate for overthrow the government.


      • Yeah, I understand what you’re writing re the Resistance & the Tea Party – we only heard the Tea Party was a bunch of nutters down here. The effect of not knowing what’s really going on in another country, I guess. Our parliamentary system (& the main 2 – Labour & Liberal Coalition) only have their leaders voted on within their own party. As far as who runs the country, it’s by popular vote (compulsory here). No College voting. So in Australia, Hillary would have won – she got the most votes, didn’t she? But you have that completely different system to us. It would be quite frightening to think civil warfare is trying to overthrow the government – our greatest protesters do it by social media, especially twitter.


      • Our Electoral College allows for regional diversity. Back when they wrote the Constitution, the small population states rightly recognized that the big population states and the cities would rule the country in a straight democracy. The small pop states would not have ratified a Constitution that turned them into virtual slaves of the cities. So, instead, they turned a confederation of separate nations into a republic with democratic features at the state and local level. There are folks who think that is outmoded, but they live in the cities so their stance is self-serving. Nobody who lives in a rural or small pop state who has it explained to them thinks national democracy is a good idea. If you’ve ever read The Hunger Games, you can see why. It doesn’t turn out well for the rurals.

        Fortunately, amending our Constitution requires the cooperation of the states, 3/5ths of which must ratify any amendment — that’s 38 of 50, so that’s why they’re marching in the streets and demanding a military coup, because they can’t win what they want by the rules.

        I suspect if there is a serious movement to do away with the EC, the more rural states will seriously consider mass secession. Alaska and Texas would lead the charge. It’s a lot harder for the US military to declare war on 30 scattered states than it was to do it when it was a contiguous Confederate states. And, it’s a lot easier to make the case to the rest of the world when what you want is freedom from tyranny rather than to uphold slavery.

        Fact is that the cities couldn’t survive without the rurals’ resources. If anything, they should be looking for ways to keep us happy, not demanding a ill-advised change in voting procedures.


      • Military declare war – that’s full on. There are many independent parties in Aust politics. The country people traditionally vote National Party, which typically gives its preference votes to the Liberal Party – because the Nat’s would never win an outright majority. As the Lib’s are mostly conservative, it is the preferred choice for country people because they are typically conservative as well. Other independents all across the states (we only have 5 states & 2 territories) will push agendas for their constituents, issue-specific to their area. At the moment we have a party called One Nation – largely considered racist, run by Pauline Hanson & which has increased in popularity since the last election (last year), due to the Syria/terrorist crises in the world. She was laughed out of politics 20yrs ago, went to jail, & wanted to emigrate to the UK, but there were too many blacks there. One Nation also gives preference votes to the Lib’s. So our smaller independent parties can never rule outright – it would be a miracle for them to get majority vote. But in their electorates they usually do a good job. Then we have Premiers of every state/territory & they can be either Labour or Liberal, the Nat’s or One Nation could win state seats & rule. At one stage there was a Liberal prime minister running the country, but every state was run by the Labour Party. Typically, the mining states (Western Australia & Queensland) prop up the country with mining wealth, but in recent times the mining boom has busted & now they get federal monies to run their states (if required). How did you end up getting so many states in the 1st place? I had heard Texas wanted to do a Texit after Brexit; I didn’t know Alaska did too. What is the main industry in Alaska?


      • The main industry in Alaska is oil. If we were an independent nation, we would be the 13th largest government-owned oil reserve in the world. Unfortunately, US environmental regulations and the fact that the federal government owns 60% of the land here, makes exploration and development really expensive, so our oil industry is slowly withering.

        Alaska is a pretty libertarian country. People like to be left alone. We have a pretty socialist government though because all oil revenue is filtered through the State of Alaska, which owns everybody’s subsurface mineral rights by Congressional edict. Hawaii and Alaska are the only states where private individuals cannot own their subsurface rights to their own property. If we find something valuable there, the government takes it away from us, paying us for the surface value only and leases it to a multi-national mineral extraction firm. We get right of first refusal to repurchase our own land after all of its worth has been extracted.

        Alaska has been talking about an Alexit almost since statehood. You’d think that would have settled the matter since supposedly the vote was 6 to 1 in favor of statehood, but the military (which comprised one-third of the population of the state at the time) were allowed to vote (which is against the UN charter) and there were other issues that should have invalidated the vote. The debate flared up in the 1970s and 80s after President Carter locked up one-third of Alaska’s land in national parks, which greatly affects how state and private lands may be used. The debate never really went away, but it became louder under Obama who really wanted to designate the entire state as a snowglobe.

        Part of the problem here is that the federal government’s regulations have prevented us from diversifying the economy inside the state. They prefer if we returned to colony status so they could just extract whatever they wanted without our permission or giving the State a cut.

        Alaska, by the way, is the most mineralized of the 50 states, but good luck getting a mine permitted.


      • Wow. Sounds really messy. I had no idea. The richest woman in Australia – Gina Rinehart – extracts iron ore from crown land, takes the profits, & pays barely any tax. Everyone rips off if they can.


      • Well, I’m not a Trump supporter, but I know enough to know that he’s not the racist, sexist, anti-Semite the media here and in Europe paints him to be. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married Jared Kushner, who appears to be one of Donald’s closest advisors. The New York Jewish press says Trump has always worked closely with the Jewish community in New York. He is definitely a womanizer, but he also has many women working for him as managers (which I’ve seen personally with my father-in-law, a successful businessman who employs women in executive positions and then tries to have sex with them).

        Trump has plenty of problems that ought to be addressed, but the personal attacks on issues like this just make his opponents look hyperbolic and crazed.


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