Agree Or We’re Sworn Enemies   1 comment

Ana P. Rose 🌹

What has happened in our society that we can’t manage to agree to disagree? We all perceive ourselves as opened-minded while the opposing views are narrow-minded. We have fallen prey of judging someone based on who they voted for and who they supported. We have forgotten about their past—about their dreams, goals, and struggles. They are simply a “Trump voter” or a “Clinton voter.” They are merely a left-winger or a right-winger. They are just liberals or conservatives.

We can no longer engage in discussions or arguments to dispute views. Instead, we plunge our fingers in our ears, “La la la la la la la.” I believe that most of the time many protests or movements start off with good intentions. But we always have those people with the inability to control their emotions and rely on violence. The other side always says about the other, “Well, they did it…

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One response to “Agree Or We’re Sworn Enemies

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  1. I managed to agree to disagree just fine.


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