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I get why President Trump had to get rid of fast-food executive Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary. He was never going to get confirmation because he essentially gave sanctuary to an illegal immigrant until he found our she was illegal and then he fired her, and in the view of many liberals, it’s not okay to hire an illegal immigrant if you’re a Republican and it is certainly a fatal mistake to fire her when you discover her status. They don’t care about the illegality of it when it’s a Democrat doing it, but they do care that he broke their “code” by acting on principle when he discovered her status.

You just can’t make up the irony on this, so I’ll move on.

The loss of Puzder is a loss for all of us who wanted to see some reform in the labor regulations in this country. We’ve had many labor secretaries who were insiders with the labor system and, guess what, no reform has occurred. It just gets worse and worse. If you’re an employer, you’re forced to pull a weighted sled against a 100-knot head wind while employees can get away with just about anything and probably get paid extra if they’re disciplined for it. So, those of us who believe the employer-labor relationship should be one of mutual benefit and respect had hope that Puzder, a businessman, would do some balancing in the Department of Labor.

Image result for image of alexander acostaI sort of expected Trump to look around and find someone like Puzder who hadn’t broken the law, but apparently that’s not to be. Instead, he’s chosen R. Alexander Acosta to be his next nominated punching bag for Labor Secretary.

Trump says at a White House news conference that he believes Acosta will be “tremendous” in the Cabinet job.

Acosta is dean of the Florida International University law school, has a law degree from Harvard and is a former member of the National Labor Relations Board.

In other words, he is totally a Labor insider who will do nothing to reform the Department of Labor.

He should be confirmed by the Democrats enthusiastically. I suppose it’s too much to hope that the Republicans would stand up on their hind legs, pull up their big-boy pants and say “No, we want a reformer in there. Get someone else.”

Naw, why should they actually stand on principle?


Posted February 16, 2017 by aurorawatcherak in politics

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