Donald Trump Is The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself   7 comments

Image result for image of donald trumpIf politics flows downwards from culture, then it was only a matter of time before a politician mastered the role. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump cracked that code.

Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Frank Underwood are just a few recent examples of the enormously popular characters who have, each in their own way, stood in for the role of the complicated bad guy who fascinates millions of Americans.

Source: Donald Trump Is The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself


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7 responses to “Donald Trump Is The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself

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  1. Reblogged this on Let me give YOU the Moe-down and commented:
    It was a natural progression really.


  2. The ‘code’ was broke long before Trump. Trump’s mishandling the ‘code’ versus that of the three prior presidents is an atrocity, and his undoing.


    • I suggest you actual read the article, instead of just the teaser I was allowed to post.

      The “code”, according to the author, is the fantasy that politicians run for office for our benefit. That’s almost never true. They are all in it for themselves and they all kiss the backsides of their funders. The people be damned. Obama/Bush/BClinton were just the latest who lied their way up the food chain to be our rulers. They pretended to have the interests of we the people at heart, but they were in the pockets of Wallstreet and big corporations. Their “code” was to pretend to be on our side and to hold the American idea values, while in reality working with the cultural elites, the media and the administrative state to restrict our liberties and lay the groundwork for economic collapse.

      Trump broke “the code” by being honest about the system. He called it exactly what a good half of the nation believes it is — an elitist anchor around our necks.

      The writer — and myself — don’t like Donald Trump, but we both give him kudos for pulling the curtain back and not pretending that our system of government as operating in the 21st century is still working for most people. It’s not. Trump may not be the answer, but pulling that curtain back might be a start.


    • Here’s is an excerpt from later in the article. “Heroes who stand for traditionally good things in a world where everything supposedly “good” has long been discredited are corny Dudley Do-Rights who are at best too stupid to know better. Antiheroes, by contrast, ingratiate themselves with their audiences for their gritty realism and their candor, no matter how bad they are. Frank Underwood breaks the fourth wall with his viewers and brings them along for his evil schemes; Walter White’s moment of redemption is his final admission to his wife that he sells meth because he likes to, and not to do right by his family; and Tony Soprano establishes a close bond with his daughter early on when he admits to her that he’s not actually a “waste management consultant.” In the postmodern world, there is no greater virtue then authenticity, and there is no greater vice than phoniness.”

      And that’s “the code” Trump has mastered.


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