Lela Markham APN-TV Interview   9 comments



9 responses to “Lela Markham APN-TV Interview

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  1. Well done Lela!


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    Check out Lela Markham’s interview on APN TV!


  3. Great Interview! I’m fascinated by the discussion of Alaskan agriculture.


  4. I heard him talk at the University once, I think. They have these community lectures. There’s a guy up by Nome who is using the same high tunnel technology. He’s a hundred miles further north, so he’s growing almost everything in tunnels.

    I’ve been on my husband about building a high tunnel for our garden for about two years now. It really is a great innovation for growing stuff here. Unfortunately, the only place we have to grow a garden is on the north side of the house, so Brad is sure that it will fail, even though we grow a decent open garden there now. We can only grow hardy crops now. He’s stubborn. I might have to build a temporary one out of plastic piping to prove it to him so that he’ll bend the electrical conduit for a permanent one.


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