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I’m not a big Superbowl fan, but I have to watch it if the Patriots are playing because: a) Brad is from New England; b) It’s the only football game he’s guaranteed to watch. He’s going to watch 24: Legacy and something artsy and girly in return.

Image result for image super bowlI’m not big at being preached at in my entertainment. I don’t need Lady Gaga to tell me what my politics or morality should be. I have a Bible and my brain … I can work it out without the help of a singer.

Last year’s preachy America the Beautiful in 14 languages pissed me off, as it did about half the country … and Mike Rowe responded that Americans can be whatever they want if they get off their rears and do it.

So, this year, there’s the Journey 84 commercial. I thought it would be preachy and I’m not sure it wasn’t. In fact, I’m wondering what the message was.

A Mexican mother and daughter journey across what appears to be the Sonoran desert. First, “Lady, bring water. It’s the desert, for heaven’s sake!” As someone who lives in an extreme environment, I resent the idea that a parent would go into a difficult journey without being prepared.

All throughout the journey, the little girl is creating something from scrap plastic. Meanwhile construction workers are building something. When they reach “the Wall”, the mother is devastated to see that there’s no way through … and then they find a gate. All is now well, there’s a slogan that basically says we welcome hard workers.

So what does it mean?

Brad thinks it means that Lumber 84 is offering to smuggle in, hide and hire illegal immigrants.

Our son thinks the company is saying come in by legal means and you’re welcome.

I can’t decide. What do you folks think?



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10 responses to “Journey 84: What was the message?

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  1. Well the little girl scrapped together an American Flag. It’s the border to America. I thought it was obvious.. It means that we shouldn’t keep out people who love America and are dedicated to get here.


  2. Well. As an Aussie, I liked the Super Bowl. But I wished the other team won, (who were they again?). Not the Patriots, I know that much.

    But I enjoyed watching *again* history being made, in that it had never gone into overtime.

    Praise to the USA. You are a great country.

    Praise to you who try to make the best. Australia is suffering too. For other reasons.

    The world thinks of you. Never forget that.


    • The Atlanta Falcons. It sure looked like they were going to win. The first two quarters were a lot of swaggering arrogance from a young and talented team. The second half was a young and talented team getting schooled by a more mature and determined team. Brady just chipped away at them until he won the game. It was amazing to see, especially be Gronkowski out.

      And, I’m not even a football fan.

      So what’s going in Australia? A friend lives in Tasmania, but she’s a-political, so I can’t get any good grumblings out of her.


      • Australia ain’t seen anything like that!


      • Most of the country hates our prime minister, he’s wealthy like Trump, used to work for Sachs & Goldman, the ex-PM’s chief of staff calls the current PM “Mr Waterside Mansions” – there was a coup to get rid of the last one.

        Most of the country hates our immigration minister because of the refugee crisis we had – people fleeing the middle east under the guise of Syria WERE arriving by boat from Indonesia every week. People drowned at sea, others that made it ended up in detention centres – that USED to be in Australia, now on Manus Island (PNG) & Nauru & Australia won’t take them, hence the *deal with the US. & THAT Trump phone call last week. People smugglers – generally ME themselves, were lining up the deals with people wanting to come here by boat, but the current gov’t has made it loud & clear that NO ONE arriving by boat will be settled in Aust, & they seem to have heeded that. NZ was going to take them, but our gov’t won’t let any of the ppl in detention be released there. Would be seen as reopening the borders. So everyone here is asking the same question – if Aust won’t take the asylum seekers, why would the US?

        The current gov’t is splintering – another minister has split to form his own party, just today; we have a nightmare MP by the name of Pauline Hanson – absolute rabid racist, & dumb to boot. Other ministers have been pinged left right & centre rorting $$$ to cover their own expenses.

        Current gov’t is kicking ppl off welfare & trying to privatise our national health scheme – Medicare is the best public health scheme in the world. I don’t know how similar Obamacare was to it, but from here, all the protesters about Obamacare seemed nuts, if the US could have gotten even half of how our healthcare works, ya’ll would’ve been lucky.

        I could go on & on & on.

        We’ve had a few good PM’s – Julia Gillard of the “misogyny speech” – boy, they crucified her.

        Paul Keating was fabulous, Gough Whitlam & Malcolm Fraser were good & progressive men (however, one usurped the other).

        Now, whether we like it or not, Australia will feel the effects of Trump, too.

        & a wall? The mind boggles.


      • Wow! Thanks for explaining it.

        I don’t want the government involved in my healthcare AT ALL. EVER. I don’t know enough about the Australian system to make direct comparisons, but the clinic parking lots in Fairbanks (200 miles from the border) are always populated with Canadian license plates and I am told by Canadians that they can’t get needed medical care under the Canadian system, so they come here and pay cash. They can actually still get medical care by paying cash. It’s those of us with medical insurance who can’t get in for actual medical are.

        Under Obamacare, my husband has been trying to get treatment for an infected cyst for nearly a month. So far, he’s seen two doctors, both of whom said they can’t help him because of the “new guidance” under Obamacare and referred him to specialists. Six years ago (before Obamacare), he would have gotten an appointment within a day or two of calling, there would have been a needle aspiration done on the infected cyst and antibiotics prescribed that day. He’d be two weeks post-treatment by now. So, yesterday the PA for a third doctor told him over the phone that if he can’t wait TWO MONTHS for an appointment, he should go to the emergency room and have them lance the cyst. That’s $1500 we have to come up with AFTER the part insurance covers. (But illegal immigrants will be seen for free there). I called my cousin who is a doctor in Missouri who also opposes Obamacare, hoping maybe he knew someone here (we’re in Alaska) who would not follow the “new guidance” they keep referring to, and he basically told me that this is the entire country and to get use to it because this is how it was done when he studied in France and England.

        So, while I suspect you’re happy enough with your medical care, I tend to think it’s because you’ve never experienced a better way. Back before we had Obamacare, we might not have had insurance but you could pay cash and get care, but now we all have insurance that the cost of increases 20-80% each year, making actual medical care unaffordable … and it turns out, it doesn’t matter, because we can’t get into see a doctor who will actually treat the problem anyway.

        I’m not a Trump supporter, but I was very MUCH opposed to Hillary Clinton. I have no use for progressives because that’s usually code for them stealing every dime you make and using that funding to take away every liberty you valued. I can figure out how to take care of myself. I don’t need the government to do it … so long as the government gets out of my way and doesn’t make it more difficult under the guise of “taking care of me.”

        I have very mixed feelings about the Trump immigration policy because I support LEGAL immigration (controlled, based on applications by folks before they enter the country), but I don’t support ILLEGAL immigration. Folks don’t have a right to invade another country, even if things are bad where they live. The fact that Obama had agreed to take the Australian refugees without the knowledge of most of the American people is one of the reasons that I have no use for progressives. Here in the United States at least, they are convinced they know how to govern so much better than the American people. They make all kinds of promises while running for office, then treat us like idiots once they get in. Obama’s disdain for the hard-working people of the United Sate is a major reason why Hillary Clinton lost the election to the Trumpster.

        In the US, the people are meant to be sovereign. Our government is supposed to represent our basic values. Obama didn’t. At every turn, he found a way to tell us that we were wrong and that he was there to teach us how to be better. He won two elections by narrow margins entirely because American voters wanted to avoid the conversation about being racists. The majority of us are not racists, but we’ve spent 40 years being told that if our skin isn’t dark, we are, so most of us used to bend over backwards to prove we aren’t. Voting for a woefully-underqualified black president to prove we aren’t racists didn’t work out so well for us (we were still called racists when we opposed his policies after voting for him), so this time round, a sizeable chunk of the electorate decided to play the game since they already had the name. (Sorry for the Americanism there). The day Hillary Clinton called 40% of the nation’s population “deplorables” sealed the election for Trump. I know so many people who were going to vote against Trump by reluctantly voting for she-who-would-be-queen and they changed their minds that day when they realized that her plan was to subjugate their portion of the country under progressive rule.

        And, do understand, that here in America — all politicians are wealthy. It’s an expensive game. Hillary Clinton may not be a billionnaire, but she’s a millionnaire who lives in a gated compound in one of the richest postal codes in the nation. What’s more, all of her contributors are Wall Street types who live similarly. She’s been bought and sold and turned out for prostitution by Goldman Sacs and the like. WAY more in the pocket of Wall Street than Trump, who is more of an entrepreneur (more like the mom & pop shopowners who supported him) than Hillary could ever hope to be. The last normal person who ran for high political office here was Sarah Palin, who was ravished by the media and the elites for being normal … down-to-earth, not owned by any elite organizations. Before that … I mean, Obama loved to talk about how he came from a middle-class background, but if you look into his actual history after his mother married Sotero, he was making it up and he’d never held a real job in his life. Politicians here are most controlled by groups and individuals who couldn’t care less about the sovereignty of the American people.

        An Obama administration official here called for a military coup. The minute that happens, the United States ceases to exist as it as so successfully existed for 240 years. I suspect we’ll have a civil war and the best case scenario from that is that we break into several nations that are still someone cooperative with one another. The worst case scenario is that the military wins, they install Hillary as dictator and we get to start the Hunger Games. And, no, I’m not entirely kidding because I’ve read her books and she is NOT a good person who would be an improvement over Trump.

        It seems like the whole world has gone crazy.


  3. The ad means you are welcome to enter, even if your intent is illegal/criminal. I won’t purchase lumber, etc. From. 84 in the future.

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    • Dave you are an idiot and a bigot. So is the author of this website – losers


      • Yes, an incredibly reasoned and intelligent response, which I decided to approve just to show people what I mean about the thugs in the street who refuse to acknowledge the Constitution because it kept them from electing their dictator of choice — she-who-would-be-queen — Hillary Clinton.

        Before you reply, DTAMP, recognize that I didn’t vote for Trump. He wasn’t my choice for President. I voted for someone with actual qualifications, but he didn’t win, so …. Donald Trump is president of the United States because he followed the CONSTITUTIONAL procedure of winning the statewide popular election in 30 of 51 states. Had Hillary run for election based on the Constitution instead of the media-fantasy of the non-existent popular vote, she might be queen today.

        And, I’m sure fools like you would love it as she issued executive orders to open the borders, sell our factories to China, force us all into public transportation and turn over our retirement accounts to Social Security for mismanagement. By now, she would have troops headed to Syria and my son and my daughter would be queuing up for the draft that would be needed to fulfill her warmongering agenda.

        You see, that’s why she lost, because those were the things she stood for. I might be an idiot, but I read her book, so I knew what her agenda was. I couldn’t vote for Trump, but I never would have voted for her … because I don’t like dictators of any political party.

        The attitude trolls like you show is exactly the reason we’re all “gifted” with Donald Trump for 4-8 years. That “everybody is an idiot if they disagree with me” attitude, not based on reasoned discussion or even knowledge of the topic, is the reason the electoral map bled red this cycle. It’s the reason why only 18 states in the union are still led by Democratic governments.

        And, if you keep it up, your side is going to lose more of them in 2018 and the Presidential election in 2020 will put even more red on the map. The districts of Panem are sick of your blue zone arrogance and ignorance. They provide the resources for you to live your self-possessed arrogant lives. They work real jobs so that you can troll the Internet and make such reasoned arguments as “idiots and bigots and losers.”

        I am not anti-immigration and I’m definitely not a bigot, but my American Indian ancestors knew all about unrestricted immigration. It didn’t work out well for them. So, yeah, based on history, I’m opposed to unrestricted immigration. That’s not a bigoted stance … that’s an educated one. I’ve read history … have you?


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