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I normally reserve Wednesdays for Writers and writing-related articles, but this is sort of time-limited, so I’m making a replacement for this week as I don’t want any authors being associated with this campaign.

Image result for image of schaeffer coxThose of us who are skeptical of the State know that sometimes the government works to put innocent people behind bars because the State doesn’t like their opinions. If you haven’t come to that conclusion yet, you need to pull your head out of the sand because it is happening and has been for some time. It happened during the Bush administration, but it really accelerated under President Obama and who knows what Donald Trump will allow in the coming years.

Fighting it starts with knowing that it is happening. Schaeffer Cox isn’t a friend, but his wife and parents are. I never got to know Schaeffer, although I heard a couple of his speeches. He was involved in the “sovereign citizen” movement, which I think is a crock, but there is overlap with some of our principles. Most of the times I heard him speak, he seemed like an effective voice for liberty. He certainly wasn’t perfect. I think he let his ego get away from him. I think he ran his mouth more than he should have.

This video is the speech that Schaeffer gave that supposedly got the FBI looking at him. I have verified quite a lot of what he said in the video. The claim that he had a militia of well-trained men 3,500 strong is a gross exaggeration. He took some bad advice from people who claimed they knew how to get attention.

Eventually, the FBI arrested Schaeffer, claiming he was plotting to murder Alaska State Troopers and federal officials. The State of Alaska declined to participate in the trial because they found no good evidence that a plot had actually been hatched. They released the surveillance transcripts to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and anyone who read these transcripts could tell that the FBI’s confidential informant was manipulating conversations to get a certain response. But it was all theoretical. There were never any plans to kill any specific people. It was all “Well, if the federal government fell apart, we might do this or that to protect ourselves.”

I do that all the time. It’s called writing a novel. On Christmas Eve, I asked my brother — a black belt in karate — what he would do if federal agents invaded his home and tried to steal all his food in response to a national terrorist attack. He described what he would do. We had no plans to kill anyone. I am researching a book and Big Bro is an expert on a subject of interest. He would only do those things if federal agents actually invaded his home during a survival situation.

So, I say this because Schaeffer was eventually found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, even though the feds couldn’t produce a single actual proposed victim, in direct violation of both habeus corpus and mens rea. He’s serving 26 years in federal prison and he’s allowed to talk to his family about 10 minutes a month. He’s seeking to appeal his conviction and supposedly has solid grounds, but he needs money for his defense. His wife and parents are tapped out. At this point, having been mostly in solitary for four years, Schaeffer sounds a little crazy, but that doesn’t make him guilty of trying to kill imaginary people. He will probably need some help to reenter society, but I don’t believe he’s dangerous because I don’t believe he was ever dangerous.

So, for my part in trying to help his defense, I’m posting this video and people can decide for themselves if they think this sounds like a man who belongs behind bars.

If you decide you can help, check out #freeschaeffercox to see how to go about that.


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