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January 16 – list your 5 favorite foods you could not live without

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If we’re just talking about foods … this is going to be a hard one. There are entire cuisines I would not want to live without.

Image result for image of alaska blueberriesFruit – pretty much any kind, but if I had to choose one … Alaska blueberries, which are different from Lower 48 blueberries. Much tarter and,  if regular blueberries are a superfood, Alaska blueberries are a mega-superfood.

Lamb – or mutton — I just really like sheep. Growing up in Alaska, I trained my pallet to enjoy game meat, which I can’t buy at the grocery store. Lamb is readily available in the grocery case. I actually like mutton more, but it’s hard to come by here. You have to rent a 4-H kid to raise it for you.

Broccoli – I just love it as an overall vegetable.

Chocolate – Everybody needs something that’s appeals to their sweet tooth and chocolate is that for me. I like mine straight – no nuts, nugets, caramels or toffees.

Bread – It’s the staff of life, so I can’t leave it off the list. I bake my own. It’s based on a sourdough starter, but it isn’t necessarily sour. I add a lot of whole grains and it’s very chewy and artisan, unless I want it to be light and fluffy and then I can do that too.


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  1. I wonder if your Alaskan blueberries are what we called huckleberries growing up in Pennsylvania.


    • I googled it. Huckleberries grow in southern Alaska too, but they don’t grow north of the Alaska Range. My source says huckleberries have seeds. Alaska blueberries don’t. They are cousins on the scientific chart, though, so may taste very similar. Tart and juicy. I’ve somehow missed huckleberry season everywhere I’ve ever gone, so I can’t say for sure.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you on the breads and berries. I’d love to try your Alaskan Blueberries sometime.

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