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Blog Topic – New Years resolutions or no? If yes, what are yours? If no, why?


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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions mainly because I don’t like to make promises to myself that I am guaranteed to break. I just think that’s psychologically unhealthy. I don’t know anyone who has ever kept a New Years’s resolution. I know people who have later made good on those resolutions, but not at New Year’s. That includes me. Yes, I have done this myself and then sworn off doing it in the future because it just caused unrealistic expectations and guilty feelings when I failed.

I do use New Year’s to evaluation my previous year and to make plans for my coming year. Those plans are not set in stone. I don’t say “This year I will build a storehouse and put all my surplus in there and then live off my great planning.” That didn’t work out so well for the guy Jesus talked about in the Bible. My plans are more like “If things work out, I’d like to do these things this year and I hope that what comes from it are these benefits.”

Do you see the difference? There is nothing wrong with planning for the future. That’s a good way to live our lives. But resolutions are about promising we’re going to do something, usually something hard, that usually depends on our own self-will.

I don’t make promises to myself that I know I won’t keep. I make plans that are adjustable to the circumstances that come up during the execution.

My plans for this coming year are to help my husband build the cabin and to publish at least one, probably two books and to, hopefully, draft a third one. And there may be an epic canoe trip in Summer 2017.


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4 responses to “Breaking Promises

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  1. Yes, New Year resolutions are very difficult to keep. Happy New Year, and good luck with publishing your books!


  2. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions at all… it’s based on a construct that I would guess the old ones in the Diomedes found totally useless, seeing as that for about 24 hours you and your neighbor would be living in different years by the white man’s reckoning. I almost wrote a story about the Big Diomede residents ‘welcoming’ the New Year and going to Wales the next evening to finish welcoming it.

    You see, I think progress is a process. I have some goals that I will be working on this year, but they have been with me for over five. I did what started out to be a ‘retrospective’ of my art, saying it would be my last, but my young mentee Kristina said: “Oh no, I want my CHILDREN to see this!” Therefore ‘WONDER 2026’ has been set as an event for the future.

    So I have indeed set goals, but have long since dispensed with telling myself how many pounds I’ll lose by Summer.


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  4. I totally agree with the idea of progress being a process.

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