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Today’s blog topic is —  Describe a rainy day activity

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Alaskans may be a little strange because our summers are incredibly short, so we tend to maximize them and ignore little things like the weather.

Image result for image of dancing in the rainYes, you can walk in the rain. Your body is drip-dry. You’re not made of sugar and you will not melt. My husband tells tales on the woman who raised him not allowing  him to step outside without being swathed in so much rain gear he couldn’t get wet if dropped in a swimming pool. Alaskans have the opposite attitude.

Alaskans don’t generally own umbrellas. Why not? I don’t know why we don’t own them, but I know we don’t carry them because they’d only get caught on the trees as we’re hiking. Maybe that’s it. Alaskans don’t stroll, not even when we’re on a rain walk. The rain here comes unexpectedly and is often light and intermittent … until it isn’t and then an umbrella won’t do you any good anyway.

I personally carry an Army-surplus poncho that could double as a tent on someone my size. I use it if the rain is heavy. If the rain is light, I don’t bother.

If I decide to go for a walk in the rain, I go minimalistic. The last time my daughter and I went out, we wore hiking sandals and our bathing suits. Since we planned to stop somewhere for cocoa, we carried a backpack with terry beach coverups that just passed the standard for public apparel. We didn’t try to stay dry because it was raining hard enough that it wasn’t worth it to try. Once we got to where we were going, we donned the coverups. The swimsuits, basically covered by towels, dried really quickly as did our skin. It was actually quite enjoyable.

Brad catches cold easier than the other three of us, so he generally tries to stay dry. He has adopted the hiking sandal and bare legs method. It’s just too hard to keep shoes, socks and pants dry. You sweat inside rain pants and that is counter-productive for comfortable rain walking. He wears hiking shorts that dry very quickly, but then a breathable rainproof jacket over some sort of shirt. When we hike or fish, he carries a full set of Helly Hanson fisherman’s gear – rain pants with gaiters and a heavy rain coat. He always laughs at me for not bringing all this waterproof gear, but so long as it doesn’t snow, I’ve never had a problem with getting a little damp and I have my rain poncho for deluges.

And, by the way, kids love it when their parents go out and stomp in puddles with them.


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2 responses to “Dancing in the Rain

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  1. I have a large plastic poncho that I use for the music festivals. Just like you, a little bit of rain isn’t going to put me off! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. The entire time I lived on the rainy Oregon Coast, I didn’t own an umbrella. Now that I live where it’s much drier, I own three!

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