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I’m convinced … was convinced for years prior to her candidacy … that a Hillary Clinton victory would have been disasterous for freedom. Her victory would have meant a third consecutive administration dedicated to dismantling the institutions that have kept America free, and replacing them with the social vision of the arrogant elites. That would have been a catastrophe for our generation and the foreseeable future.


Think about her response when Mommar Khadafi was killed.

“We came, we saw, he died.”

Khadafi was a bad man, but Hillary revealed herself as an equally bad person with that comment. It opened a window into her personality where true evil lives.

Image result for image donald trumpSo we dodged the Hillary bullet, but we don’t know how many other catastrophes the Trump victory is fomenting. His victory represents the American backlash against elites that we’re seeing all across the Western world. Ordinary people are angry at the arrogance of the elites leading their countries. A lot of that anger is expressed over the migrant crisis in Europe, but America has had that same crisis for decades. Mindlessly flinging open our borders to people from societies that hold values fundamentally different from our own may work for the arrogant elites who are insulated from the negative consequences ordinary people face, but that carelessness with societal effects has a lot to do with that rage.

Ordinary people are the ones who experience crime in the most personal way. The elites, again insulated in their blue zones where there is a cop on every corner to assure they don’t see anything they don’t want to see, often rail against law enforcement, but they’re not the ones being shot by overzealous and heavily armed gestapo troops.

We’ve seen riots in cities in Europe that looked a lot like the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. We like to pretend their different because America “is a racist country”. But the fact is that the reason for Ferguson was the same as for the European riots. It’s not about racial oppression. It’s a result of allowing police to run roughshod over the rights of citizens who don’t have the power to do anything effective in opposition.

The election of Donald Trump won’t fix anything. The elites show no sign of rethinking their collectivist dogmas. Just look at the dozens of newspapers, broadcast stations and blog posts complaining how awful it is that women are still constrained by the mythical “glass ceiling.”

I actually find that phrase insulating. I see no ceiling. Am I just supposed to know it’s there? How? Is it because female pundits keep repeating the phrase? Is that what makes it exist? Is it like a tolpa in Supernatural … belief in it gives it power?

Hillary Clinton and like-minded demagogues keep insisting that women don’t receive as much income as men when compared as groups, but many factual studies show that if you factor in things like same hours worked and continuous years in the same occupations, the income of men and women has a difference of about 6 cents and even that is vanishing and reversing in some fields. Where men and women compete in the same fields and have the same longevity on the job, there is no demonstratable difference in pay.

That goes against the preconceptions of most politicians and media people, so they ignore the facts in favor of their own agenda. You’d think Donald Trump’s surprise victory would send them back to their drawing boards to rethink their assumptions on more than just Trump, but so far that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening.

I’m not just talking about Democrats here. The Republican establishment isn’t exactly introspective. If they were, they might reconsider their arrogant assumption that they alone know what kind of presidential candidate is needed to win elections. They keep picking the likes of Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney — who lost — while being surprised by successful Republican candidates like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. He could take a pause and consider his own actions too. Seriously! Acting like a petulant adolescent might thrill his core constituents, but the polls didn’t really show him winning until the end when he started acting more like an adult.

The Donald scares me. Wild cards are never trustworthy. Was he acting when he acted like an unruly teenager? Or was the mature adult the act? I don’t know. I have some familiarity with strong personalities in their 70s … my husband liked Donald Trump in part because he reminds him of his father. I like my father-in-law, but I wouldn’t want him to be president because … he’s a wild card.

So what can we expect for a Trump administration?

I’m going to try to figure that out in the next few days.

2 responses to “Dodging Bullets & Taking Cover

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  1. Let us know when you figure it out! What a mess…


  2. I’m no closer to figuring it out, Patty. I did look at some of his policies, but we don’t know if he meant those policies, so …. I like some of his nominations because they are out of the DC box selections and then I see some of his selections and think, yeah, typical mainstream Republican. So, I still don’t know.


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