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Change – how do you feel about it, what are some big changes you’ve undergone, what are some changes you’d like to make or that you see coming?

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Change is a big issue with a lot of moving parts. It’s “change” after all. It moves, it shifts, it is in flux.

This was a perfect topic for the week after a national election because “change” is on parade and being rioted against in the streets. Since I didn’t vote for either Clinton or Trump, I get to stand above the fray without ownership in the outcome and note the irony that those who demanded that the rest of the country accept their version of change in 2008 are now faced with the other half of the country’s version of change. The difference is that the Teaparty peacefully protested the actual policies of Barack Obama and the impacts they were having on them personally while the current “protesters” are rioting in the streets against the outcome of a constitutionally-provided democratic process.

I didn’t want Trump either, but I don’t think the world ended. The ill-conceived idea of granting one person power over 350 million people for four years took place and this is the outcome. It may represent a change of direction for the country. To quote the progressives in 2008 “Elections have consequences.” The electorate has chosen a different direction. They rejected the status quo candidate (Hillary Clinton) and selected … the Donald. Will anything actually be different? I don’t know. I’m not sure it matter.Just because the voters opt for change does not mean the deep state will allow it to happen.

Image result for god grant me the patienceReinhold Niebuhr lived in a time when the world was being torn apart by the evil of Naziism. As a Christian opposed to Naziism, he looked at the world around him, and penned that prayer. Notice that he didn’t pray “Lord, let me change the world, destroy Naziism and change human nature.” His ambitions were lower. “Lord, let me be able to accept the things I cannot change and have the courage to change the things I can,” but more, he asked for the wisdom to understand that there is a difference. Reinhold spent the rest of his life trying to teach people why God was a better choice than Adolf Hitler. It didn’t stop the murder of 10 million people (I don’t just count the Jews), but it perhap changed the hearts and minds of millions, so Niebuhr may have had a greater reach than those who died trying to kill Hitler in the early part of his reign of tyranny. We remember him. We chant his prayer at 12-Step meetings. We whisper it quietly in our hearts as we watch yet another change election.

Like Niebuhr, I can’t control people who are outside of my sphere of influence. I certainly can’t control the electorate. If I could, neither Clinton or Trump would be the president-elect. But here’s something for all the rock-throwing election-outcome deniers trying to set aside this election result to understand. YOU can’t control the electorate either. You’ve got one vote. For everyone of you who showed up at the polls and voted for the status quo, another someone showed up a the polls and voted for change. I voted for change that was very different from the change half the country voted for. My ideal change will not be represented in the White House for the next four years and I have the serenity to accept that outcome because I recognize when I can’t win a battle, so it’s better not to fight it. I cast my vote. My ideal lost in the court of popular opinion and I’m moving on … not to change my ideology, but to continue to influence people in the way that I have the courage to act.

Instead of investing my change ideology in an election that I can’t control, I choose to show up here on my blog to advocate for change in a different way … by educating people on their choices. I can’t change the world. I might be able to change one or two or a few dozen minds and maybe those changed worldviews can influence one or two or a few dozen minds each who can influence ….

Image result for image of libertarian not allowed to driveYou get the picture.

Wisdom teaches me to not fight battles I can’t win, but courage teaches me to continue to act where I have hope of making progress and to have serenity about those things that are out of my control. I trust that God has a plan and that He’ll let me in on the details in His good time … if He needs my help.


Elections often are about change. If people like the status quo, they choose to keep the incumbent. If people are angry about the condition that they’re living in, they choose the challenger. In 2012, the encumbant and the challenger both represnted the status quo. In 2008 and in 2016, there was no encumbent, but there were candidates who represented the status quo of the outgoing administration and candidates who represented change. Change can be a good thing. If the ideology in charge is providing evidence that it isn’t working, then selecting another path is a good thing. It’s rejecting misery for the hope of something better.

Image result for image of change for change sake

So, Hillary Clinton (status quo candidate) lost the election because people want change. They want change because they’re tired of being mserable and from their perspective the policies of Barack Obama have increased their misery. Donald Trump, who was promising change, won because the electorate wants change and they think that what he is offering represeents change they want to see. Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong. They made their choice.

The world didn’t end. Power transferred peacefully … as it does every four to eight years in this country. This is no different than when Barack Obama was elected, promising change that half the country did not want. Sometimes your version of change is selected and sometimes it’s not. That’s how democracy works. Sometimes the change that is selected scares the hell out of you, but if your alternative is violent protests in the street, then maybe you’re actually the scary one.


Image result for image of being torn apart by change

There are those who are determined to reject the change that this election represents. They’re tearing up cities around the nation, threatening physical violence on those they disagree with, destroying private property, trying to force a rejection of the constitutional election of a change agent they voted against. Apparently, they were happy with the mounting debt, growing welfare system and diminishing incomes of the Obama administration. What’s not to love about increasing medical insurance premiums and reduced access to care? They were happy with the election process so long as it favored THEIR ideology. They voted to reject change and embrace the status quo and, DAMN IT, their way is the only right way. Change is GREAT only when the bore tide flows in their direction. If it goes in another direction, violent revolution is allowable.

So, here we stand on the cusp of another change era. Hopefully, things will move in a better direction this time. Maybe this time, the “winners” will listen to the “losers” a bit and we can direct the change toward something that is good for all of us.

Hopefully … doubtfully … hopefully … doubtfully ….

“God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the DIFFERENCE.”


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5 responses to “Serenity Courage Wisdom

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  1. Exactly what the Dalai Lama said: Change things that can be changed, but accept and not fret about things that cannot be changed.


  2. Oh, yes change in deed. You explained it very well. I fail to see how ripping apart a country, and the businesses created by hard working people make the protestors think anyone will listen to them. What they are doing is destroying the bread and butter of people that have no more control over the election than they did, but they fail to see anything that isn’t their ideal. Too bad, I for one will choose to ignore the ignorant spoiled brats rioting in the streets. If they want their voices heard, they should present the change in a manner that will have people listening.


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