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First, at the outset, let me say that if you’re peacefully protesting the election of Donald Trump – (Definition of PEACEFULLY – standing on a sidewalk, not blocking traffic vehicular or pedestrian, maybe holding a sign or a candle of mourning —

Good for you! Way to exercise your right to freedom of expression.

But if you’re protesting the election of Donald Trump by participating in the wanton destruction, physical attacks and threat of violence that so many are …

I hope the police treat you like they would anyone else in the same circumstances. In Alaska, that would be an eight-year potential sentence.

You do not have the right to physical intimidate, threaten, or assault people or to damage property that does not belong to you. You want to smash a car window to show how pissed off you are that your ideology is no longer in control in this country?

Smash your own, because you are the ones to blame for your candidate not winning the election. You didn’t vote in sufficient numbers. You whined that you had to have an ID or that you had to register ahead of time or that you actually had to leave your house and show up at a polling station to cast your votes. YOU are 50% responsible for Hillary Clinton retreating behind her compound walls in Chappaqua rather than meeting with President Obama in the White House yesterday. The other 50% is on those who voted for Trump.

These images come from Al-Jazeera, not Infowars.

Image result for image of libertarian memes only soberIn 2009, Barack Obama became president and about half the country had a cold block of ice in its stomach. They had listened to his rhetoric during the election. Some of us had read his books. Those who voted for John McCain were equally certain then that they did not want an admirer of Marxist dictators for their president as you are certain you don’t want Donald Trump now. As the President began his ambition plan to “fundamentally transform America” through mega spending programs and kidnapping the health care system, people who disagreed formed the Teaparty movement so they could wave signs and shout slogans in groups and hopefully be heard since they had no voice in Congress or the White House. It didn’t work.

Maybe they were too peaceful. For the time that the Teaparty movement was thoroughly active, there were incidents of violence … almost always committed by opposition groups against Teaparty participants. Michael Graham wrote That’s No Angry Mob; That’s My Mom detailing the peaceful movement against Obama’s POLICIES. It took almost five months for the Teaparty to form because they weren’t protesting the election of a president they had good reason to believe was a socialist and would discover to be an authoritarian. They accepted the democratic process. What they rejected was the democratic process locking them out of any discussions regarding micromanaging the most intimate parts of their lives or spending their great-grandchildren into unremitting debt.

Image result for image of libertarian memes only soberFor that, they were called racists who any moment would don bedsheets and shoot up an NAACP gathering. Some of the same groups behind the current violence in Portland and Denver worked to turn Teaparty rallies into violent mobs and, by and large, were unsuccessful. As Graham said “Teapartiers are so polite, they take turns shouting their slogans.” Maybe that’s why the movement eventually faded into the weeds, only to re-emege as the coalition that voted Donald Trump into office.

After eight years of being told by the Obama administration that “elections have consequences, so sit down and shut up”, there are indeed people of a more conservative bent who are angry. Some of them threw punches during the election — although Bernie supporters seem to have thrown more. I’m sure some Trump supporters would love to rub progressive noses in this win — to tell them to sit down and shut up for the next four or eight years. Although I hope they don’t, I can’t really blame them for wanting to.

Violence begets violence and the progressives have spent the last eight years using the coercive force of the state, which is just a legally sanctioned form of violence, to force conservatives to do what progressives wanted. People have lost homes, businesses, and seen their kids spend themselves into deep debt to pay for college and then be unable to find jobs. All the gains in the economy that came from the Contract with America government-spending reductions have been lost. They look at their retirement accounts and realize that with the Obama-regulatory-fed increases in food prices and utilities, they aren’t going to be able to support themselves until life’s end. They’re angry and Trump is the result of that anger.

Although I hope they don’t, I can’t really blame them for wanting to rub progressive noses in the mud now that they believe they’re in charge. Progressives have been teaching them how to do it for eight years.

Although I am very skeptical of Trump’s promises, I applaud his voters for channeling their anger without physical assaults or property damage.

What they did on Tuesday is no different than when progressives, fed up with war, elected an inexperienced half-term Senator with Marxist leanings to the White House. We forget that, perhaps conveniently, because those wars haven’t ended and have spread to several other nations under President Obama. For those of us who read, Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices details how she encouraged and is proud of that spread. There are reasons she lost this election.

Why do you suppose that gives you the right to turn the country into a riot-zone?


Donald Trump is not my president any more than Barack Obama was/is. I didn’t vote for him. I wanted someone else, though Hillary Clinton would not have been my president either. But, like it or not, he is the President-Elect. If you’d voted, maybe he wouldn’t have been. The United States has always been about the peaceful transfer of power — until this week.

Now maybe we can have a discussion about why 350 million diverse people with opposing agendas should not be forced to follow each other’s way of life in four-to-eight-year cycles.


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