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Ordinarily, I don’t post anything non-writer related on Wednesdays, but this Wednesday is different. I was so sure Hillary Clinton was going to win that I waited to the end of filling out my ballot yesterday to select Gary Johnson because, for half a delusional moment, I thought “she’s going to win if people don’t vote against her.” But, ultimately, my principles won out and I did what I said I would do in March.

So, if I were writing this, Hillary would refuse to concede (after all, she won the popular vote – CNN claims) and Barack Obama would issue an executive order setting aside the Electoral College (why not? He’s done worse crimes against our constitution). Then, in a last ditch effort, he would refuse to step down from the Presidency (which I’ve always felt he might do). Barack Obama would refuse to leave the White House and this would all end up in the schizophrenic Supreme Court.

But that’s not what’s happening, so ….

So I’m shocked today and terrified and excited. Trump scares me almost as much as Hillary does. I don’t think he’ll be substantially different in policy than Clinton, but I do think this election signals something people ought to pay attention to. It would appear the voters of this nation are done listening to the progressive elites about who they should vote for. It also appears that the states are really starting to rear their heads.

Oh, and if you’re considering heading to Canada because of this election result … may I suggest that Canadians don’t deserve you. They have their own problems and would probably just as soon you didn’t add to them. Maybe Mexico would suit you better. The weather’s warmer and your dollar will go further … and you might learn what it means to live in a country without the rule of law where people like you are in charge 24/7.

On the other hand … yeah, there was no way this election was turning out well. Bad choices make for bad results.


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4 responses to “Shocked

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  1. I was upset that it didn’t even really matter if Alaska voted. There is something screwed up about half of the country’s people not even acknowledged.


    • Back in the 1970s, there was a law passed that said the national media could not announce the winner until after the polls closed, but when CNN created the 24-hour news cycle, that went by the wayside.

      Generally, they call it when the polls close in California and Alaska and Hawaii just have to put up with it. I personally ignore the news until after I have voted. It doesn’t change the outcome. It is also a really good lesson in “our votes mean nothing.”

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  2. Yeah. I don’t know how to fix it. The Internet is a wonderful tool for liberty and I would fight any attempt to muzzle it, so Alaska will always know the outcome of the election by about 4 o’clock.


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