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Image result for image of political pollAccording to Alaska Dispatch News, Alaska could go “blue” this presidential election. Imagine that! Alaska last voted for a Democratic president in 1964. In September, we were still polling 52% of Trump and 26% of Clinton with Gary Johnson trailing at 20% and the other candidates getting about 3% total. Yet one month later, ADN claimed Trump was only 6% ahead of Clinton and Gary Johnson is down to single-digits.

Although I haven’t answered any polls by ADN (that I know of), I have picked up for five polls this week. All but one was a Robo-call that only gave me one choice:

Pollster – Will you be voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Please state the name of the candidate you will be voting for.

Me – Gary Johnson

Pollster – I’m sorry, I did not understand your answer. Will you be voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Please state the name of the candidate you will be voting for or push 1 for Hillary Clinton or 2 for Donald Trump.

No, there was no option 3 in those four (4) polls. So, of course, the most politically libertarian state in the union appears to be swinging blue. The 5th poll had a living person who tried to talk me into voting for Hillary Clinton since I wasn’t already decided on a candidate.

Let’s get this straight – I have been decided for more than six months. I was decided on my vote before I knew that Gary Johnson would be the Libertarian candidate. I determined as I made dinner on the evening of Super Tuesday. I decided that, unless an ACCEPTABLE candidate was nominated by the GOP, I would be voting for the Libertarian candidate. I am not undecided. I am perhaps one of the most decided voters in the United States.The only thing that could change my mind at this point would be if Gary Johnson axe-murdered a family of four … and I just don’t imagine that happening.

Image result for image of gary johnsonBy the way, this is why I don’t participate in early voting, because if I voted for Gary Johnson early and then he did axe-murder a family, I would want to take that vote back, but would be unable to. You see, I don’t believe in voting for a candidate just because I have decided to vote for a candidate and I withhold my vote from a candidate who does something I object to … even on the eve of the election.

How anyone could still be voting for Hillary in the face of her email scandal is a mystery to me? I knew I would never vote for Hillary when she was First Lady and trying to enact a totalitarian medical care system for “our own good”. That only deepened when I read her book on stealing people’s children and then deepened further when my friends in New York would tell me about how she was voting against their interests in Senate. Her tour of oppression as Secretary of State just sealed the deal. There is nothing good in that woman worth validating with my vote. Do you folks who are planning to vote for her have no ethics or morals?

How anyone could still be voting for Trump in the face of his sexual harassment allegations is a mystery to me. I never expected him to run for president (unlike Hillary, who I knew would run for president eventually), but I didn’t like him as a reality television star. I can’t find anything in this man worth of my vote, although there is hope that his plan to jail illegal immigrants will (possible) allow us to stop locking up so many Americans. No, I’m not agreeing with him. It’s a joke that reveals a grim truth. Do you folks who are planning to vote for him have no ethics or morals?

I’m voting for the likable candidate who was a successful businessman and popular two-term governor who hasn’t been accused of sexually harassing women or started or enlarged six wars and dealt with classified information in an unlawful and careless way that appears to have involved a pervert’s computer.

So here’s my point of this post.

I think the presidential polls before the primaries were designed to convince GOP voters to pick Trump so that Hillary might have a chance of winning. The presidential polls since the conventions have been designed to convince voters that Hillary is going to win the Presidency anyway, so we shouldn’t waste our votes by voting for anyone else.

I have a different view of that. A vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is a vote for my own subjugation, so I am choosing not to vote for either of them. I’m going to vote for Gary Johnson and I hope you will join me because —

just think of this ….

We could send a loud and clear poll to the media propaganda machine by voting for Gary Johnson. It would say simply and resoundingly that we have rejected the poliical elite and want to send the country in a new direction.

Regardless if Gary Johnson is a great choice or not, we would be choosing our own way and that is truly what this country needs to say – SHUT UP, ELITES! It’s our turn to decide.


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