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So I’m back to my medieval fantasy and considering the different sort of communities that exist in Celdrya. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I studied European medieval culture and history and then just adapted it to my world.

Image result for image of a medieval townIn Europe, the manors survived through a comprehensive system of self-sufficiency, while the townsfolk acquired many of the things they needed through trade, implementing the use of coin money. Commerce, trade, and money exchange implies a system of property rights that permits ownership by individuals, and rules and laws of contract among agents. The Middle Age towns were were economic, legal and social institutions began to emerge that are essential prerequisites for a complex market economy.

Celdrya has many, many villages centered around or near duns (the equivalent of manors). Generally towns have developed near the central seats of power. There are a handful of larger towns that could be called cities – Dun Celdrya is the capital city, while Llyr and Galornyn are also large enough to be considered cities. Clarcom sits on the cusp, largely driven by Lord Cunyr’s aggressive defense building. These are towns that had grown large enough to develope neighborhoods that acted somewhat like towns within the larger cities.

The urban areas of Medieval Europe became the foundations for the modern age of capitalism, with its legal protections for individual rights, private property, and the emergence of an economic order in which each participant fulfills his own wants by serving others through production and trade in a system of interdependency in an exchange-based system of division of labor.

Look for more in this series in coming days.


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