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This is apparently my week for feeling irritated at entitled twits who cross my path. I’m not sure if it’s something going on with me or the world in general, but there you have it.

Brad and I enjoy watching PBS on Friday nights because it has a lot of news, often from overseas, and it’s fun to mock the Democratic news. No, seriously. PBS might as well be Soviet-era Pravda. But we haven’t got cable and I want my news fix, so we watch it and mock them. It’s a good opportunity to research their claims and find out that they’re propagandists.

Image result for image of woman chopping woodMy least favorite show in this lineup is “To the Contrary”. It probably has something to do with Bonnie Erbe’s whiny voice or the fact that she apparently doesn’t know the definition of “diverse perspectives”, but I have trouble sitting through the program. If you’re unfamiliar, the premise of the show is that a college-aged, employed woman with a brain and a blog like myself should be using my access to the marketplace of ideas to post angry tirades against the always-oppressive male and demanding my rights as a woman. Equality to these women (some of whom are regulars and others who are “conservatives” to qualify for the “diverse perspectives” title, I guess), each week make it clear that “equal rights” for them means at the expense of men’s rights. If I don’t espouse these opinions, I am a sexist.

Similar to how I feel that minorities can be as racist as white people and ought to be called on it, I also believe that women can be as sexist as men. I just view sexism in a different way than Bonnie and her fem-bots.

Image result for image of woman changing tireI’m going to start out by making a really sexist statement. I like my husband and men in general. I think most of them are fine human beings. I don’t require them to act like women in order to come into my circle. In fact, I often prefer the company of men over that of women, because men are more honest and way less emotional.

Second thing to know here is — I am the granddaughter of a suffragette, the daughter of two feminists, and my daughter doesn’t take crap from any man or woman.

When Mary Alyse — what we all called “Grandma” — was a feminist, feminism was a movement for equality. Today, it is a movement for supremacy. The original feminist movement advanced the radical notion that women are people, individuals just as deserving of life, liberty, and property as men. I’m down with that. I live that!

Alaska is often portrayed as a very male oriented society — a state filled with manly men and that is true. Pampered metrosexuals generally need not apply because we’re a rough and tumble place where such folks might break a nail or develop a callus. But Alaska is also where women win the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. Susan Butcher won the Big-I three times and Aly Zirkle has won the Quest twice. To look at her, you would believe Aly could do it. Susan looked much more delicate. But my point is that men and women are equal here in Alaska.We’re free to choose to do the same things. And generally, we make the same money if we’re doing the same job, although women still often select jobs that don’t pay as well because they are less physically challenging or allow more time with family. That’s the proceeds of the original feminist movement, what my grandmother fought for and my mother proved could be done, with help from my father who was the first Business Agent for the Alaska Culinary Union who would dispatch women as cooks.

Today, though, feminism has become a movement that advocates the radical notion that men are lesser than women as people; that men are less deserving of life, liberty, and property than women; that women are entitled to things just for being women; that one sex is better than the other, just ‘cause. It has gone from being a movement for equality, to a movement for supremacy.

It’s stupid. I’m not sure how I, a woman, would benefit from this inequality. I can’t see how anyone benefits. It complicates my life and I find the whole notion insulting.

According to third-wave feminism, I should want to be paid more simply for being a woman, apparently to make up for the many years that women were paid less than men as a matter of course. The whole idea of being given a raise or promotion based on gender insults my abilities as a person. I do not need their help. I can earn that promotion on my own, thank you very much. My brain is more than capable. My DNA should not privilege me.

Ironically, third-wave feminists intimidate me. I haven’t met a lot of them. They tend to not find a niche here in Alaska, but the few I’ve met put me on edge, ready to defend myself when accused of being an enemy of my sex and a horrible example of womanhood. I’m a “classical feminist” – I am all for voting rights and equal pay for actual equal work. I change my own tires and chop my own wood and I don’t really need a man to do those things for me, although if they want to volunteer ….

I think society ought to have the same expectations of men in the sexual arena as we do of women and I think women who cat around like men cheapen themselves and all the rest of us.

Interestingly, third-wave feminists intimidate men, too. That’s the point. They want men to feel less than. But what follows is destructive. Men like my husband, who is married to me so an active participant in classical feminism, back off and  stop trying. They become weak because shows of strength are deemed wrong. Suddenly humanity’s “other half” becomes less productive, less interesting, and more pathetic. Women, feminists included, then have to contribute much more heavily to the economy and society to support the weaker, less productive half they created. We’ve already seen it underway and I hate it. Men descending to a lower level does not raise women to a higher one. And, then third-wave feminists point to these men who have done what was demanded of them by feminists as a perfect example of why men are less.

Third-wave feminism says I should hate men … those big, stupid oafs. I don’t. I think men are wonderful. I have a lot of close male friends who I would trust with my life if I had to. I admit that I don’t understand them all the time, but truthfully, I am perplexed by women often too. Animosity stemming from lack of understanding — Would that be bigotry?

Yeah, I think third-wave feminists might be sexists.



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