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So, I’ve been formatting my latest book and asked Brad to post something to keep the blog active. I suggested Lew Rockwell or Chitina fishing photos, and I expected he’d at least be funny. Instead, he came out publicly for Trump.

I love Brad and he has a few good points. And I’ve read a fair number of libertarian pundits who are voting for Trump, so Brad is not completely off in the woods without a compass. I’ve said that if I had a gun to my head and was forced to choose between Hillary and Donald, I would choose Trump as the lesser of two evils, but we’re talking shades of difference that are so slight that you really aren’t sure if you’re right.

I’m opting to not vote for either one.

I agree with Brad and others that the left is eroding traditional social and economic values and that unchecked migration from the third-world is causing major problems in the United States. Trump at least gives those issues lip service and it doesn’t sound like lip service. I don’t believe that Trump is going to fix those problems and he may make them worse.

The major flaw of democracy is that idiots vote and we’ve had a long line of idiots voted into office and that includes into the Oval Office.

For libertarians and libertarian-leaners like me, we’re left with some basic choices in choosing representatives:

  1. We can support a very unlibertarian candidate who we hope will be less harmful than the other candidate.
  2. We can support a candidate who is so unlibertarian that society will be irreparably harmed and the government will collapse and maybe libertarianism will prevail in whatever emerges.
  3. We can support a libertarian candidate who will get 1% of the vote (that was my choice in 2012).
  4. We can renounce voting as unprincipled, and choose to wield zero influence and hang out in the powerless anarcho-libertarian echo chamber.
  5. Concentrate on local and state elections and ignore the harm the president can do — just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Brad is not as consistent as I am and so he wavers between Option 1 and Option 4 with a smattering of Option 5.

I reject Option 1 entirely. I used to vote that way, but I don’t any longer — not since the day I entered the voting booth planning to hold my nose for Mitt Romney and realized that I couldn’t do it.

We don’t know going into the voting booth that a candidate will honor his or her promises. Not all that long ago, Donald Trump sounded a LOT like Hillary Clinton (pro-abortion, warmonger, gun-grabber, universal health care, etc., etc.)  There’s no contract from Donald Trump that he will not change his mind and why would he honor his promises if those promises got in the way of accomplishing his goals?  Trump is a deal maker and he will make deals with the left if it accomplishes his goals.

Donald Trump is paying lip service to issues conservatives care about, but you don’t know what Trump will do. He may do a 180 in office and reveal his inner progressive once again. He’s done it before.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the boot on your neck is the left or the right one — either one will oppress you. Yes, I agree, the liberal progressives are threatening our very existence. Mass illegal immigration risks destabilizing the country. Public education is rendering successive generations unable to think. The welfare state is destroying the family unit. Political correctness threatens free-ish speech and is removing entire categories of information from political discourse and scientific inquiry. It seems like every other week, our current president has involved us in another war from which there is no escape. And, the last two administrations have sunk us $20 trillion in debt. This is unsustainable and risks our current safety.

For those reasons, Donald Trump is slightly better than Hillary. What he is claiming to offer might offset liberalism by a tiny degree. I took like that he has taken some provocative stands and refused to back down or apologize for stating the truth. I take a perverse pleasure in seeing him manipulate the media to his benefit. While they report on what they see as totally outrageous and unpresidential behavior, they provide him free advertisement. That shakes up the propaganda machine and that’s not a bad thing.

I am totally in favor of conservative values like sobriety, honesty, individualism and the nuclear family. I know that all cultures cannot peacefully co-exist when some of them hold diametically opposed beliefs and are forced to share the same physical environment.

I just don’t think Trump will fix those problems. Trump doesn’t behave like someone who is defending his believes. He behaves like someone who doesn’t care how much you attack his beliefs because they aren’t his. Consider the way he responds to criticism. He doesn’t attempt to refute his critics from logic. He dismisses and insults them.

Maybe Trump took the red pill and had an epiphany about how the world really works, but I want proof that he actually did. His past behavior shows he worked with Democrats and liberals to get things he wanted done. I don’t much like the idea of compromising with Marxists to get ahead and I know Brad doesn’t either.

We really can’t expect any different from a businessman who is also an actor. He’s mastered telling people what they want to hear, regardless of whether or not he believes it himself. This doesn’t prove he’s being deceptive, but then there’s his liberal donation record. Where is the proof that Trump will fix any of the problems conservatives and libertarians see looming? Where is the proof that he will fix them in a way we would perceive as a benefit?

Trump is not a conservative. He’s barely a RINO. He does not respect the private property of others. He supports eminent domain. He does not value laissez-faire capitalism or competition. Trump has no problem using the state to crush his opposition in the well-known progressive phenomenon where corporations use left-wing politicians to destroy their competitors. Trump was in bed with those corporations and the same politicians they used.

Trump’s policies also would not resemble a free market. Trump believes in a welfare state. Trump believes in funding Planned Parenthood and other cronyist organizations. Trump does not favor international trade. These are all elements that are hostile to a free market.

I feel for people who live in border states. They’ve been under siege for a long time and I can see where Trump’s wall seems attractive. It’s a rallying point, a sales pitch. He knows a lot of people don’t know that an enormous percentage of immigrants do not pass through the border, but rather fly in and overstay their visas. Additionally, many immigrants could tunnel below the border and bypass it some other way. A wall would do little to solve both of these problems.

Unfortunately, the two main parties failed to give us a good candidate for 2016. You get to choose your dictator if you insist upon voting main party. I doubt Gary Johnson will be the savior of the free-ish world, but I think he will do far less damage to the nation than either Hillary or Trump and he might possibly lay the seeds for a moderating of progressivism.  I can imagine that, were he elected president, we might have discussions about efficacy of liberty and the free markets that we are not currently having. Instead, we’re arguing over what flavor of tyranny we want to embrace and they pretty much taste the same.

I’ve chosen to vote for a potential for real change in a direction that I can approve. If we all choose to vote our conscience, to say “no” to both Hillary and Trump, we might actually be influencing the world in a positive direction.



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  1. Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:

    Reading this is interesting. I was half-right about Trump. He has done some good things while in office – regulations are way down. We’re fighting about the wall now and the partial government shutdown is showing how we can actually do without 800,000 federa workers.

    But I was also right about oh-so-many observations. We’re still fighting about window-dressing when we need to be discussing real reform. So, there you go. A blast-from-the-past.


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