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Hi, this is Brad. Lela is formatting her latest book, so asked me to post something for her. That’s dangerous. She should know that, but here goes. The photos and other technical issues are courtesy of our son, Kyle, who remarked that he likes Donald Trump’s new haircut.

Lela will tell you, and has, that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are.both despicable and horrifying choices to lead this country. Choosing between them is playing eenie, meenie, minie, moe with the entire nation. She sees it as voting between two very similar tyrannies — like socialism and communism — shades of evil are still both evil. Pick your poison — decide for yourself which one will kill you less painfully.

Her solution, because she has principles and has studied these issues, is to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. I’m voting for Trump. Here’s why?

First, I find him highly entertaining. I like that he is politically incorrect, that he says what a lot of us are thinking but know we’d be put in the naughty corner if we said it. I’m glad someone is finally saying some of these things, even though I don’t always agree with what is being said.

Lela can give you a reasoned analysis of Trump’s platform that shows why he’d be a tyrant. I believe her, but I think Hillary is worse and I am willing to vote for the lesser of two evils to assure that the greater of evils doesn’t get into the Oval Office.

To support Trump, I had to compare him to Hillary.Making a case against Hillary wasn’t hard. She is straightforward about what she believes, what she did as Secretary of State and what she will do as president. I don’t want any of those things in a president. As bad as our nation’s global standing is after two terms of Barack Obama, Hillary will hit new depths.

Lela did an article a while back that detailed what a terrible Secretary of State Clinton was. She lied about some of the most important issues this country has faced. The Russian reset didn’t pan out so well. Syria is now legendary. Libya’s present mess is because of the failure of Clinton’s diplomacy there.

I don’t like people who lie to me and Hillary has lied about everything. Benghazi resulted in the deaths of four Americans. She needs to own up to that, but instead, she continues to lie about it. She voted in favor of the Iraq war, but now claims she was tricked — casting blame on others instead of taking responsibility for her own actions. Most importantly and damning, she refuses to take responsibility for illegally using a personal email server to communicate classified information. Not only did Clinton wind up with classified intel on her private email, it included top secret intel via her fax machine after the original documents’ classified markings were removed. That’s a federal offense, by the way, and there are people who have served prison terms for doing similar.

Former National Security Agency analyst John Schindler wrote, “Any foreign intelligence service reading Ms. Clinton’s emails would know a great deal they’re not supposed to about American diplomacy, including classified information: readouts from sensitive meetings, secret U.S. positions on high-stakes negotiations, details of interaction between the State Department and other U.S. agencies including the White House. This would be a veritable intelligence goldmine to our enemies. Worse, access to Ms. Clinton’s personal email likely gave foreign spy agencies hints on how to crack into more sensitive information systems.”


Did she not understand that her mishanding of such documents could endanger national security or was she just unwilling to accept rules applied to her behavior? Does it matter? Do you think she has learned her lesson and would be more careful with classified information while she is president? I don’t.

So, she lies, but it’s her platform that is scary. Clinton’s jobs program would cost at least $350 billion over a decade. Spending on clean energy would cost an additional $75 billion proposal for increased spending on clean energy.Other proposals include $200 billion over 10 years for child care and $10 billion for subsidizing home care for the elderly.

Clinton is a fanatical supporter of Planned Parenthood and a proponent of partial-birth abortion who only supports restrictions on abortion in the very end of the third trimester — you know, when the baby could be born any moment.

While Lela is a committed non-partisan, I’ve been a Republican pretty consistently. I don’t think Trump is a Republican. He’s certainly not a conservative and I did not vote for him in the primary. Trump is, in Lela’s words, a progressive liberal masquerading as a conservative. I don’t like that calls people names. He seems immature and narcissistic, inconsistent and reactive.

But he scores better than Hillary in the three issues that mean the most to me – national security, spending, and life issues.

In some ways, I think Trump reminds me of my father, who is also a brash businessman. Dad got into several businesses over the years where he didn’t know what he was doing and he was successful in those businesses because he hired people who were strong where he was weak. If Trump actually wins the presidency, one would hope he would remember the business tycoon lessons that every entrepreneur knows and hire people who are strong where he is weak.

Trump’s budget plan isn’t exactly a fiscal conservative’s dream. He’s “planning” on spending less than Clinton, but that’s not saying much. His suggested cuts are around $86 billion, which hardly dents the projected annual federal deficit of $544 billion, but at least he wants to cut something, somewhere, unlike Clinton who, like most liberals, wants to increase spending.


Trump used to be pro-choice and supported Planned Parenthood. Recently he declared himself to be pro-life. I think his conversion is phony, but it’s still better than Hillary who would allow abortion right up until the mother goes into labor.


We know a Hillary Clinton presidency will be an extension of the Obama presidency. Eight more years of this is the equivalent of a frog in a pot about to meet his maker due to the gradual temperature increase, the entire country just slowly cooking, unaware of the danger that is killing us.

A Clinton presidency would feel so much like a continuation of Obama, that many complacent Americans would not be able to tell the country is heading in a terrible direction. A Trump presidency might wake us up and drag us into the light where we would get busy on fixing what’s wrong.

If it turned out to be worse than we had imagined, it might spur a revolution in which we return to the things our Founding Fathers intended, recovering what’s been lost.

Lela would argue that we need a radical shift to fix what is wrong, but I think voting for a third-party candidate is giving a vote to Hillary and I believe that Trump would be a less worse president than Hillary … and he would make us laugh and cover our eyes and peek through our fingers and pray for our rulers more often. That is preferable to slowly simmering to death in complacency.


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