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I was goingto fact-check both Trump and Clinton in seperate posts, but Fact Check.org has already done it for me, so here you go. I’m writing a novel. I hope you understand.



They both lie about each other and themselves and the articles do a good job of detailing those lies. Which do you trust more?

Actually, although I am not voting for him, I trusted Trump’s facts a bit more than I trusted Hillary. She’s just lied to me so often and been caught that I pretty much can’t trust anything coming out of her mouth. I trust Trump slightly more because I haven’t caught him in as many lies.

This isn’t say much because I am NOT voting for him, so trusting him slightly more is irrelevant. But if I were looking to vote for the lesser of two liars, it would probably be Trump by a head.

I think Trump may honestly believe he can lower taxes on everyone, institute these new programs and if he just brings jobs back from overseas, the balance sheet will balance. Reality will set in if he’s elected. Big government costs big money and when government is $20 trillion in debt with $800 trillion in unfunded entitlement liability, there’s no big money to come by. It becomes necessary to reduce government in order to save the country. Sadly, I don’t think Trump or his supporters understand that reality-based dynamic.

I am 90% positive that Hillary knows she’s lying to us.She is a politician, after all, who was trained by a consummate liar … or did she train him? She and Bill are what happens when sociopaths marry each other. And Hillary’s supporters are so ill-informed about economics that they honestly believe her lies.

Now you have to make a distinction between supporters and donors … for both of these candidates. Trump’s donors probably do not look substantially different from Hillary’s donors except, maybe in their politics. Hillary’s donors are most Wall Street types and medical insurance companies. She is thoroughly in bed with the 1%. I’m kind of tempted to make a dirty sexual reference right now, but that’s totally unlike me, so I won’t. Basically, Hillary is a puppet of Wall Street, bought and paid for as much as any of Trump’s trophy wives. But there’s also a lot of insurance companies trying to assure that the ACA stays in place.

Trump’s donors are some mid-level Wall Street firms and real estate companies. I’m going to guess they think Trump will be good for the economy and a rising tide lifts all ships. Because he has resources of his own, I think Trump is not controlled by them so much. Realistically, do we think anyone could control the force of nature that is Donald Trump?

We were watching PBS tonight (hope John McLaughlin is feeling better soon) and different talking heads had different beliefs about Trump’s supporters. David Brooks said they were folks making above $70,000, then Eleanor said they were all ill-educated rednecks. I think Brooks is probably closer to the truth and that income level suggests that these are not morons. Very few people making $70,000 annually are poorly educated. They’re either college graduates or business owners. One of the things you learn very quickly in Alaska is that college doesn’t mean you don’t work with your hands and working with your hands doesn’t mean you might not have a PhD and a 3,000-book library of read books in your house. Brooks also had some decent analysis about them. They feel disaffected and disenfranchised. They have lost dignity in the country and feel disrespected. They are sick of politics as usual and want something else. Their feelings are not wrong and they are not displaced. Under President Obama, literally half of the country was told to “sit down and shut up because elections of consequences”, so they have been disaffected, disenfranchised, disrespected and humiliated. Their fears about profligate government spending and the ACA were poo-pooed, but they have been proven right by a moribund economy and rapidly increasing premiums with reduced access to health care. They feel that they have been asked to pay higher taxes, rising health care costs, increasing insurance premiums, increasing electrical costs and out of control education costs while they’ve seen people who work less hard than they do receive benefits that they have not earned. They increasingly suspect that the government is going to steal their private retirements to prop up Social Security. Everywhere they turn, they see that the country is headed in the wrong direction and they want to fix it.

I cannot personally explain why they think Donald Trump is the anecdote to these problems. It’s incomprehensible to me, but that is where the Trumpian phenomenon comes from.

Hillary supporters are quite different folks. They are functional socialists. They believe that big government is the answer. They believe that magical thinking can make positive changes in the world.

Before you complain that I’m not being fair, do remember that I worked in the social work field for 15 years. Some of these believers in fairie dust are former coworkers and current friends. They’re thoroughly convinced that the Koch brothers have a magic money tree sequestered in their living room that, were we just able to confiscate, would miraculously fund all the programs we might want. They don’t necessary believe that a job is a good thing for people. In fact, social workers tend to think jobs are just too stressful for most people and ought to be avoided. They, therefore, support all sorts of programs that assist those who don’t want to work and therefore must support increased taxation of those who do. Generally, they have no concept of economics and don’t see that the lifestyle your income provides you is a prime motivator of most people in the workforce. They think millionaires should want to go on working happily while forced to live on middle-class level income. They object to the accumulation of wealth. They don’t believe you need a million dollars in the bank to live comfortably for 40 years after retirement. They might need that, but you don’t. They’re absolutely certain that anyone making more than them is somehow depriving them of their “fair share” and they don’t see anything hypocritical about not giving a “fair share” to those who make less than them. Let the rich people do that; they can afford it.

So, basically, we have two groups of followers who are essentially delusional who believe the lies of politicians.

Yes, lies! Hillary is promising you the moon, but she doesn’t own the moon and with the government $20 trillion in debt, she is unlikely to be able to afford the moon in the next eight years. What few proposals she manages to institute will add to the debt and incentivize the indolent to sink deeper into their padded poverty and discourage the productive from being productive. Trump is also promising the moon, just from a different angle, and at $20 trillion in debt, he’s not going to be able to make good on his promises. His tariffs will damage the economy, but probably no more than some of Hillary’s proposals. The fact is that continued deficit spending is going to be bad for the economy and it will get worse under either of these two.

From an economic perspective, they are both bad candidates. From a civil libertarian perspective, they are both bad for liberty.

Hillary is not a fan of free speech or religious (unless it aligns with her misinterpretations). She’s a gun-grabber. She’s a supporter of the surveillance state. She advocated for a greater authority for the government to take away people’s kids for an unsubstantiated reason given. She’s a wannebe dictator. You get what you voted for if you elect her and you will not like it. She’s going to make Obama’s threatened oppression a reality.

Trump is no fan of free speech either and he wants to deport Muslims from the US so I think he’s probably anti-freedom of relegion. He has supported gun grabbing before he was against it. He’s wishy-washy on the surveillance state. But hey, he doesn’t want to take your kids. He’s a wannabe dictator too.

So why vote for either one of them?

Crickets! I hear … yes, crickets.



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