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I’m actually pretty pissed off about progressives and it’s getting worse during this political season, probably because both major parties have been taken over by progressives, so the news is, well — pretty much all about progressive policies.

From my perspective, progressives and socialists are pretty much highly-similar breeds of ravenous rodent. And I have a huge problem with both of them. Why?

Well, let’s start with their promotion of envy and theft, which breeds the offspring of class conflict (envy) and increasing taxation (theft). Progressives thrive on victimology, shunning personal responsibility while encouraging mob mentalities, sacrificing individuality to a communal blender that chews up anyone with initiative or creativity while the progressives insist it is being done for our own good. They promise peace and harmony, but deliver strife and conflict because they pit class against class while they cynically buy off favored factions at the expense of disfavored factions.

Progressives offer favors, subsidies and security that they can’t ultimately deliver and then blithely dismiss their own failures. They consider expressions of good intentions superior to actual outcomes and reality. They foist dependency and paternalism on anyone unfortunate enough to believe their lies, while concentrating wealth and power in the hands of people whose characters and naivete make them the most susceptible to corruption. They push people around allegedly “for their own good”. Their programs are always compulsory because they recognize that human nature will turn away from them if they’re left voluntary.

Progressives spurn the most basic lessons of history and economics because they believe that if they just try hard enough next time, they can somehow overcome reality and human nature.



Let’s just consider entitlement programs. I planned for the day I would be too old to work. I’ve been saving and investing and growing my nest-egg … just like the people in Italy and Cyprus who had their retirement accounts confiscated by their governments when entitlement programs began to go bankrupt. Social Security will be solidly in the red before I retire, therefore — well, there goes my nest-egg.

I used to be able to go to the doctor with my check book in hand and pay for whatever I needed. But health care regulations curtailed the numbers of hospitalis and clinics that could be opened and forced doctors to increase their prices to cover costs and third-party insurance made my fellow patients unconcerned with those rising costs, so my cash payment system became unaffordable. So I took a job with health insurance, but over the years, what I paid to cover my family increased until I was paying 42% of my pay to health insurance. Faced with a premium increase that would drive that cost up over 50%, I found another job with a larger pool to better control the premiums, but the ACA is driving those costs up now as well.The difference now is that I am forced to buy insurance, even if it becomes unaffordable.

No, you cannot blame this on private companies. Left to their own devises, priveate companies (insurance companies) and individuals (doctors) will lower their prices in competition for your business until they cover their expenses plus a reasonable profit. It is government meddling in the form of regulations that have caused the current situation in health care. The supply of doctors is limited by the number of medical schools, which is limited by the permitting processes of the government. The number of clinics and hospitalis is limited similarly by permitting requirements. This creates near-monopolies that drive up prices artificially.

Insurance companies operate in near-monopolies as well. There are hundreds of insurance companies in the United States, but most states allow only 2 or 3 insurers to sell policies within those states. This is encouraged by federal regulations. Instead of fixing this problem by allowing insurance comapnies from any state to offer policies in any other state (meeting state guidelines just as auto insurance does, of course), the ACA actuall concentrated the number of companies that could offer policies in any given market, thereby exerting monopolistic pressure on the market.

Good sense would allow companies to form pools with similar companies, but that is not permitted under federal law, so … for example, the mental health center I used to work for had to make-do with an insurance pool of 120 participants, instead of pooling with all non-profits in the state, which would have given us an insurance pool of several thousand. This increased premiums and resulted, eventually, in the bankruptcy of the agency because they weren’t permitted to drop insurance under the ACA.

My son obstensibly owes $56,000 in national debt. He’s only 17 and is not yet a legal person who can accrue personal debt, but he’s saddled with a huge debt he didn’t create. He will never have to pay an individual payment toward that debt, but he will pay for it in decreased opportunities within a moribund economy for the rest of his life.

Those are just some of the gifts that progressive socialists give us every day. And, yeah, I’m pissed off by that. But what pisses me off more is that the news media will not admit that the two main party candidates are both progressives who will grow government and who both promise to add about $10 trillion in debt to our burden.

We’re told we have a two-dimension choice. Pick progressive candidate A or progressive candidate B, there is nothing else available. That is not true and that knowledge gives me hope and helps me to be a little less angry.

Freedom is an antedote to dispair.

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