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So, I still won’t be voting for a major party presidential candidate this November. This is my impression of Hillary’s acceptance speech from last night.

Let me explain that I didn’t waste a lot of time listening to the DNC this week. I had better things to do than listen to Bill Clinton lie about his relationship with Hillary. We all remember Paula, Monica and all the other women, Bill.

I listened to Hillary’s speech last night while bleaching my kitchen counters preparatory to Brad bringing home the year’s salmon. We’re running a slime line tonight and I’ll bet we’re better at it than Queen Hillary could ever be.

The first half of it came off as extremely paternalistic. I felt like I was a child and she was my mother talking down to me because I was too dumb or naive to understand what she was saying.

Do go back and listen to it on YouTube. If you didn’t notice it before, now that I pointed it out, I bet you will.

Don’t talk down to me, Hillary! I hold a Master’s degree and I would lay down money that I’ve read more books on a greater variety of subjects than you have read. I’ve even read some science books, though not all of them were the NEA-approved propaganda you prefer. I’ve even read your ghost-written books. How do I know they were ghost-written? I’m a writer and there’s this little thing called “voice”.

Maybe it’s because you haven’t read enough books, you don’t know that the country is not what you think it is. The Revolutionaries did not envision a united country from sea to sea. They were each supporting their own state as separate countries working together. If you’d actually ever read any of their writings, you’d know that. Not all, but many of them were individualists who voluntarily chose to cooperate with one another. Above all, they deeply mistrusted government. Madison, seeing the handwriting on the wall from monarchists like Hamilton, helped to create a wonderful republic and then regretted it later, saying it was doomed to failure because the government was already growing dictatorial and power was flowing to Washington.

You won’t appeal to the voters who are flirting with Trump if you pretend the country isn’t in enormous trouble. You talked about “all the improvements” since Barack Obama took office, but those of us out here in reality land know that it’s all smoke and mirrors paid for with $12 trillion in national debt that is now acting as an anchor that has stalled the economy. And there is nothing government can do to fix that except get out of the way because government CAUSED that by spending too much money, increasing regulation and not listening to the productive half of the population.

I’m not voting for Trump, but at least he has a basic understanding of economics and the business cycle. His “plan” is light because it appears to consist of getting out of the way of business so that the economy can heal itself. Meanwhile, you’re promising more of the economic meddling that caused the current mess.

I trust Gary Johnson more with the economy than I do either one of you because of his record in New Mexico.

You talked up your foreign policy experience, but for me, your record shows that you’re a warmonger who destabilized several countries and then left them to deal with the mess you caused so you could claim we need to beef up our military in order to fight a war that should never have happened. It makes us more unsafe here at home and when we travel abroad. Your actions as Secretary of State spread ISIS across North Africa. That’s wonderful experience if I wanted someone to lead us through World War III.

The second half of her speech was less paternalistic, but more frightening. When she screeched “Your cause is our cause” to Bernie Sanders with that Wicked Witch of the West voice, she did draw some wild cheers from the crowd of socialists. The reason why Bernie looked like he’d been strapped to the electric chair may be that he had just resigned from the Democratic Party and registered as an Independent. Did Hillary know that? I doubt it. What does it mean? I’m not sure. I hope it means he’s decided to launch an independent campaign.

I do know why the crowd went wild. Hillary was promising them the moon … except she doesn’t own the moon. Nineteen trillion dollars in debt assures that we can’t afford any of those wild promises. They were unaffordable when the economy was strong and growing. They are even more unaffordable in our current condition.

The “together we’re stronger” theme sickened me. I’m a pretty cooperative person in my personal life. I like working on teams, but that’s not what Hillary means, of course. That would be a voluntary association and Hillary wants us to all walk in lockstep over the cliff of her choosing. As long as we’re in it together, the abrupt stop at the bottom might be cushioned by those who hit the ground first. And there’s no choice. If you disagree with the group decision, you can’t opt to go your own way. No, it is the cliff and no other option.

America was founded on a form of individualism. Go read the Founders’ writings and you will see that I am telling the truth. Each man individually lived his life and VOLUNTARILY cooperated with others to accomplish tasks that one man could not do alone. Sometimes states cooperated with other states to accomplish tasks no one state could accomplish. When the group wanted to go in a direction the individual disagreed with, the individual was allowed to go their own way and pursue their own interests. Our voluntary associations was one of the things de Toqueville (who Hillary misquoted a lot last night) admired about America.

Speaking of misquotes – Hillary’s only real nod to Christians was to quote a Methodist dogma of “Do all the good you can, for as long as you can, to as many people as you can” which has been said to originate from Jonathan Edwards. It didn’t. He said “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” The fact that she doesn’t know this just makes her look careless and stupid. It’s like the former “Christian” boss I had who would quote Poor Richards’ Almanac and say it was scripture. I knew it wasn’t. He didn’t. Guess what I thought of his “Christianity”?

An important difference in the two crowds should be noted. I am opposed to the shouting of political slogans. There’s a brainwashing effect to it that I’ve always found distasteful. So, when the RNC crowd was shouting “USA, USA, USA”, I felt like puking. But … BUT, last night as Hillary was saying “be wary of anyone who says ‘I alone can fix the problems'”, the DNC crowd was chanting “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

I find that ironic. The candidate calling for unity is the center of a cult of personality while the candidate who is the “divider” appears to have fostered unity in his followers.

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