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I’m not voting for Donald Trump, but following my long-established habit, I watched his acceptance speech and looked for the fact check on it.

I don’t wholly agree with Politifact on their conclusion that Clinton had no connection to ISIS. There’s been credible evidence that the State Department under her watch was arming ISIS in Libya. That lends credence to the belief that her State Department also armed ISIS in Syria. So I would score Donald Trump’s statement on that subject as Mostly True.

They also scored his statement on “America has the highest taxes in the industrialized world” as Mostly False, but he was clearly referring to the corporate income tax rate, which is completely true.

They rated Trump’s remarks about Hillary’s gun control plans as False, but I would submit her own statements as proof that, if elected president, she will pursue a gun control policy that will disarm all law-abiding citizens, leaving only the totalitarian cops and criminals legally armed in this nation. The criminals might stand a chance against the cops, but the rest of us had better learn to be silent and keep our eyes on the ground.

Do check the fact-check out though because they do get it right in some critical areas where I didn’t expect Politifact (which tends to err toward liberal ideals) to actually say were correct.

While I was watching Trump’s acceptance speech, I kept thinking “He sounds pretty reasonable and “presidential”, but this guy is so totalitarian, so egotistical. He will be dangerous to my liberty.” I believe that whole-heartedly. His facts about the state of the country are 90% right, but his conclusions on how to fix it are 90% wrong.

So this next week, we’ll get to hear Hillary and run her through the Truth-o-Meter.


  • Will she do any better on telling the truth? I doubt it because she appears to be a pathological liar. How many more times do we have to catch her in big whoppers before we conclude that she is incapable of telling the truth?
  • Will she be any less totalitarian? Don’t make me laugh. She has already proven she won’t be, not overseas and certainly not here.
  • Will she be any less corrupt that Trump? Her connections with Wall Street and selection of Tim Cain as her running mate pretty much tells us that she won’t be.
  • Will I vote for her if her acceptance speech sounds more reasonable and “presidential”? Hell, no! She has a 30-year career of making a lot of statements, writing a lot of books and one speech or a dozen won’t take that stink off of her.

This is a woman who wants to force people into a universal health care ghetto from which there is no escape … who believes it’s all right, even good, to take children from their parents if the parents own guns or believe in using effective discipline or don’t believe it’s morally right to kill your children in the womb (go read her books if you don’t believe me). Under her reign at the State Department, the US involved itself in at least three wars we didn’t need to be involved in (and in her book Tough Choices, she admitted she encouraged the Obama Administration to get into those wars and three others that Obama chose to avoid). She’s proud of the mess she made in Libya and unrepentant for arming ISIS rebels there and then leaving four men to die in the consequence of her ill-conceived “foreign policy”. Her own record condemns her.

So, I won’t be voting for her either. Doesn’t mean I won’t fact-check her just like I do every presidential candidate.

Wakey-wakey, people! Wake up and smell the coffee burning. This is perhaps the MOST-IMPORTANT election of our lifetimes and we have clowns on the right and tinpot dictators on the left. There is a reasonable choice if you break out of your partisan myopia. A Libertarian president probably couldn’t solve all or even most of the country’s problems in four or even eight years, but he might drag us back from the edge just a little bit. And thinking outside of our elite-defined box might just give us fresh ideas that will cause us to become the change agents we have been looking for.


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