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Howdy. Today’s interview is with author Alisha Jones. Welcome to the blog.

Thank you for hosting me today!


Tell us something about yourself.

Alisha Jones Author PicWell, I am happily married to my college sweet heart — and have been for almost sixteen years. I have four children that I homeschool, and love to pieces. At the moment we live in one of North Carolina’s major cities, but my heart will always belong in the country where I was raised.


At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Funny story… I was reading a book one day, leaning back in my La-Z-Boy, and the doggone thing didn’t end the way I thought it should had. (At least, the way I thought it should had) LOL. I started thinking, “If I was the author of this book, I would have written this way differently.” After that, the ideas I had for the book wouldn’t leave my head. So, eventually, I started writing them down and formed the ideas into my own little novella. Hope Renewed, my first attempt at writing, I introduced four sisters. Of course, I couldn’t stop with just one sister, so I wrote the ‘Hope’ series and included them all.


Tell us about your writing process.

Actually, my writing process is sort of a scramble of thoughts mixed with ingenuity. I don’t usually write a full synopsis, but I do have somewhat of an idea of what I’d like to happen. Then, I just let the story flow from there. Sometimes, the idea works, sometimes it doesn’t. If I have to start over, then I take a new direction.


What is your favorite genre … to read … to write?

Alisha Jones MessagedMy absolute favorite genre is Christian Romance. I could probably read books in this genre for hours. I love to read anything by Mary Connealy, Tracie Peterson, and Brenda Minton. And, if a story has anything to do with cowboys, I’m all over it!


I’m going to drop you in a remote Alaska cabin for a month. It’s summer so you don’t have worry about freezing to death. I’ll supply the food and the mosquito spray. What do you do while you’re there and what do you bring with you? If you’re bringing books, what are they?

Wow! Great question. I would definitely bring my laptop so I can write without distraction. As a mother of four, I get my fair share of disturbances. If I could write for a month with none of that, there’s no telling how many books would come from my head. LOL.

And, I would definitely be bringing my books. I have no shortage of Christian romances on my bookshelf (Probably 30-40 that I haven’t read yet) and, if I could, I would bring them all.


Talk about your books individually.

I’m not sure you have that much time. LOL. I have published a dozen books so far and have six or seven more in my computer that I have to get back to. But, I’ll tell ya, my favorite was the ‘Vows’ series that I wrote. It consists of four novels: For Richer or Poorer, For Better or Worse, In Sickness and in Health, and ‘Til Death Do Us Part. I cannot explain why, but these books made such an impression on me while I was writing them, and I’ve received so many compliments about them.


What do you want readers to think or feel after reading one of your books?

Alisha Jones ChanceI try to incorporate a clear plan of salvation in each of my books so that if a person is unsure about their eternal destination, they can clearly see how to accept Christ. And, of course, as a romance writer, I want my readers to feel that forever-after kind of love. I know when I finish a book, I just wanna love all over my hubby. LOL. He likes when I read! (wink, wink)


What do you find to be the greatest advantage of self-publishing?

The greatest advantage that I can see is that I have no deadlines, no editors breathing down my neck to get their hand on the latest version.


Who designed your book cover/s?

So far, I’ve done that myself. However, I have found an excellent lady who creates beautiful work. Stephanie Adams from Agape Authors has a natural touch when it comes to covers, so I will probably be contacting her soon.


Do you write specifically for a Christian audience? Why or why not?


This is kind of a strange question. For some reason, when people think of the word ‘Christian’, they think of some holier-than-thou group that walks around on clouds and never have a single problem. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, we experience the same struggles and trials that everyone else does. My books are very clean in speech and morality, and may not be as explicit as some may like. But, that’s because I like to read that kind.


Do you feel that Christian writers should focus on writing really great story or on presenting the gospel clearly in everything they write? Or is it possible to do both?

It’s entirely possible to do both! Just because a book has been labeled as Christian, doesn’t mean it will be any less of a good story than some that are rated PG-13. In fact, there is a peace that settles over you when you realize that emotional and spiritual love can be greater than the physical.


Where can readers find you and your books?

You can visit my website anytime:

On Facebook:

On Twitter: @authoralisha1

Amazon Author page:

And I have two blogs on BlogSpot: and


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