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Last night, Brad and I visited with our friend PW, who is a retired soldier, who couldn’t get over that a soldier shot police in Dallas. I went home and couldn’t sleep. It might be because I am at a point in writing Objects in View where Shane has shown me (and eventually, you) exactly how far he’ll go when pushed, but I couldn’t sleep. Meanwhile, Brad wrote a blog post because he was pissed off and he can’t tell PW what was on his mind. I refused to run it as it was, but he allowed me to temper his message. This is written in first-person, but it is a multiple-author post. Lela


Who trained the Dallas shooter? Let me ask that question again: WHO trained the Dallas shooter?

WHO trained the Dallas shooter?

Let me be absolutely clear before I go forward. What he did was morally reprehensible — as morally reprehensible as the cop that shot the motorist multiple times in the chest because he obeyed the law and reported that he was lawfully armed. Neither of them was right. Now, back to the subject at hand.

WHO trained the Dallas shooter?

The government. Following my standard practice, I will not give this mass murderer the dignity of a name. This man was a combat veteran. The government trained this man to kill. Those of us who live in large military towns know (or should know) that you cannot teach violence as a solution to any problem and then expect that lesson won’t eventually re-appear on your own doorstep. I’m sure there are people who will insist the government just trained the wrong guy. That’s obvious since he went and killed people the government didn’t order him to kill.

That’s not my experience and I live in a town where 25% of the population is military or former military. Yes, we have violence that is not connected with the military here, but if there’s a guy waving a gun in a bar parking lot, it’s almost a given that he’s back from the Box within the last six months. You can investigate that in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner if you like. You’ll also notice, if you trace these stories from beginning to end, that the soldiers do not face any sort of civilian trial or punishment. They are diverted into the military “justice” system and usually just released back out into the population as a “punishment”. Yeah, the government is seeding the civilian population with unacknowledged time bombs.

Good show! I feel sooooo safe!

So this guy killed people the government did not order him to kill. Conspiracy theorists may argue about that, but let’s leave them aside for the moment. Why would this guy do what he did? One reason might be that when you justify the killing of other people based on the “they are other” philosophy, that’s the belief system people will take home and that will later reappear in your society. The military is told it’s okay to kill Afghanis because they are not “us” and they bring that home … they teach that to their kids … they present that in our society. It is also taught in the police academies around the nation. The “blue” tribe is given a special dispensation to use violence and the threat of violence to impose its will (euphemistically called “law and order”) on the rest of us. We the people are “the other”. Killing people is a powerful way to force other people to obey your commands.

I believe that the only justifiable reason for killing another human being is immediate self-defense. It’s taken me time to get there. I grew up around a lot of soldiers. Fairbanks has four military bases nearby, the men in my family served in World War 2 and Vietnam, and I do firmly believe sometimes war is unavoidable because the aggression of another country. However, killing people forces other people to do things they refused to do when you told them to do it by other means. That is what our wars in the Middle East are. There is no way a thinking person can justify the continued wars there as protecting the homeland, so the mindset that violence is an answer to force compliance comes home with the soldier. So why are we surprised when that lesson blows up in our collective faces?

The elites of our country and those who bow before them want to blame the firearm. It is so much easier to blame an inanimate object than to admit that the government is teaching violence as a means of control and that mentality has infested government agents from the military to the local police department to the private guard working for an elite security firm. Rather than address the real issue, let’s disarm the people so that the government’s jackboots may shoot them without any fear of retaliation.

Carl von Clausewitz famously explained that “war is diplomacy by other means”. While not condoning or excusing the violence in any way, let me point out that some of these mass murderers are likely demanding social change by other means. The guy in  Dallas seems to be saying “stop shooting civilians who aren’t directly threatening you, cops, because there are consequences your employers won’t give you.” I’ll let you decide what the guy in Orlando was trying to say or the couple in San Bernardino. We’ll leave aside the obvious crazy people.


I am not excusing this violence. Violence is wrong no matter who does it. Those cops were killed not because they were themselves abusing citizens, but because they were white cops. We can’t ignore the racism involved in this mass shooting, but we have to realize that it is not the central issue. In condemning the violence,  we shouldn’t fail to recognize that this violence is manifesting in our society because the government does it to “other people” overseas. That bird of prey has come home to roost.

Just to reiterate because people don’t want to hear what I think they need to hear. This mass murderer was taught his skills by the United States government. What happened in Dallas has been  happening in Afghanistan for 15 years now. We didn’t care for most of that time. I will admit, I don’t waste sleep over it myself. Last night, PW was so sad and angry over it, but why? He excused U.S. military members getting away with destroying a hospital in Afghanistan and killing a bunch of innocent people. If they’d been prosecuted, he and all his fellow “brothers” and many “patriots” would have screamed bloody murder that we were jailing “heroes” for doing their jobs”.

They were doing the same job the Dallas shooter was trained to do. Yes, they’ll say this guy doesn’t represent all former soldiers. You know they’ll say that. We don’t apply that same rule to “others” in “other” countries. If we kill a hundred innocent people to nail one “bad guy” in Yemen, well that’s unfortunately, but it doesn’t justify “them” retaliating. Of course not. When violence happens here, we act like we don’t know how this could possibly happen to us. Gosh, US sniper soldiers, you weren’t supposed to do that here! No, you’re only supposed to kill “the other” over “there”, where you’re supposed to.

4 responses to “Who Trained the Dallas Shooter?

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  1. Excellent point and well said. There’s also the matter of who often enters the military, i.e., those who cannot find another job for whatever reason. War is bad business but it’s also big business and wrong all around. Thanks for saying something that needed to be said.


    • I would challenge you to do some research because most of the soldiers I meet here in Alaska come from middle-class homes, not poor homes. Some of them didn’t do well in school, so weren’t college material, so joined because they believed the recruiter who promised vocational training that would be “highly sought after” in the civilian market. Some of them are in because the Army will pay for you to get a degree and that seems to beat student loans. There are a lot of them whose dads or granddads served. Frankly a lot of them have that glow of glory and patriotism around them. Even the ones who are fresh back from the box are absolutely convinced that they are making the world safe for democracy and keeping Al Qaeda/ISIS from invading the US.

      We have that idea of the poor being cannon fodder from the Vietnam War, from when we had a draft, when getting out of military service required doing well in college, which required the folks to be able to pay for it, but it seems to me that, despite the Obama administration rhetoric, today’s military is staffed with the willing. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2008/08/who-serves-in-the-us-military-the-demographics-of-enlisted-troops-and-officers

      And, I can say from experience that many of them return home blood-thirsty and morally bankrupt and act as bullies within the community. Not all of them. A while back, we were at the movies. While we were waiting for the movie to start, some drunk chick started throwing ice at some soldier who had also been drinking. He got up to deal with her. I watched as three men in the crowd reached into their jackets, but then the soldier’s friend (same haircut, that’s how you know) jumped up and pushed his friend out of the theater. A little while later, management came and removed the drunk chick and we all relaxed to watch the movie. I contend that the second soldier kept some of us from having to exercise our 2nd amendment rights that night. Don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to both of the soldiers was armed … but I suspect so were a lot of others in the crowd. Alaska being Alaska, the statistics say 10% of any crowd is concealed carry.


      • I didn’t disagree with you and I didn’t say that everyone who enters the military was like that. I have a son who’s career Air Force and got his education there. If he decides to leave, he can get a well-paying job based on his experience. It’s a big, complex subject with no easy answers. I’m a bit taken-back by your defensive response. I agreed with you, for heaven sake. In fact, the only reason I saw your response was I came back to your blog so I could forward it to some friends. BTW, I’m in Texas and the concealed carry rate is high here as well.


      • I wasn’t arguing with you. I was hoping to dispel the illusion that the military is staffed by the poor who have no other options. That’s a oft-cited belief that has taken on the shine of being a fact, but it isn’t true. I wasn’t being hostile. I apologize if it came off that way.


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