Shyralan of Mirklin Wood: A Character Interview   7 comments

Today I am interviewing a character from Mirklin Wood. My fellow blog hoppers are also interviewing characters from their respective works. You might enjoy checking them out.

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I chose to interview Shyralan of the Golden Unicorn because she is a minor character who is pivotal to the story in Mirklin Wood and indicative of my writing attitude.

Shyralan, please tell my readers what you do for a living?

I’m the madam of the Golden Unicorn Inn … the chief harlot. It’s the largest and most profitable brothel in Celdrya. We started out with one modest building, but over the years we’ve expanded to five houses in an area of Llyr that all share the same kitchens. We provide wraparound services — food, lodging, and the best and cleanest harlots to be found anywhere.

My, that is an ambitious business model. How long have you been the chief harlot?

Well, since your audience does not live anywhere in Daermad, I suppose I can trust you with my secret. I started as a young lass nearly three centuries ago.

How is that even possible?

I’m half-elven. My people, who live 500-800 years abide west of here in the forest. I became bored with life hiding in the trees and met a young man to my liking, also a half-elf. We ran away together to see the sights and sounds of the fabled cities of men. Eventually, I tired of him … or he tired of me. We agreed to stay friends, but I remained behind in Llyr. The Golden Unicorn was just a small gatehouse brothel in those days, servicing sailors off the ships. I am a rare beauty and became a captain’s favorite. Of course, I also do not age, which the madam realized. She confronted me and … well, let’s just say the ownership of the brothel passed into my hands.

You must have dozens of children by now.

Nay. I control my breeding cycles so that is not a problem for me … except once. I gave birth to a son, but he … well, he disappeared when he was around five. I couldn’t find him. And I do not know why. It’s the only regret I have in life.

Might he have been the one true King?

Whyever would you think that the child of two half-elves could be the king of all Celdrya?

Cover SeriesWell, that is what the book series is about – a quest to find the one true King of all Celdrya. So it seems your offspring might be important in that way?

He’d have no claim. Howedd will be king. That is my greatest triumph. I manipulated the bloodlines of almost every great clan of the kingdom to bring the offspring of Prince Maryn to the empty throne.

He’s not your child?

Gods, no. He’s Nanyna’s whelp. She’s my second, not because she’s that business minded or the best harlot but because she is the great-granddaughter of Prince Maryn and the Lady Gilyan, who drove a hard bargain. She was my equal in all ways except for the length of her life.

So, he is the genetic heir to the throne, no questions asked?

Raised to rule as well and legitimized by his noble father so there is no fight with the vyngretroi board. I’m sure there are those who will marvel that a harlot is saving their kingdom, but it is just a plan well-executed by someone who will outlive them by centuries.

What do you expect for this amazing feat? Surely you want some reward for decades of planning.

Surely I do. Queen of Celdrya sounds like a lovely title.

But didn’t Howedd grow up in the Golden Unicorn? Surely he knows who are you and how old he must suspect you to be?

Oh, there are many ways around that, my dear. My magic lies in manipulating men into my bed and coins from their purses, but I’m not the only one about who can whisper in a man’s ear and make him forget his past. Now, tell me about this internet thing. What sorceress thought this magic universe up? And could I have a bit more of that sweet dark stuff? What did you call it? Chocolate. It can’t be grown, I am bereft.


Today is the last day Mirklin Wood will be on sale for 99 cents. I’ve matched The Willow Branch to it. Now’s a great time to start an epic fantasy series. You can pick up both for less than $2. And, while you are at it, check out Gateways, the Breakwater Harbor Books anthology that includes Pivot of Fate, a short story set in the Daermad universe, as well as other fine shorts from my fellow authors.


7 responses to “Shyralan of Mirklin Wood: A Character Interview

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  1. How lovely to be able to stay young for centuries! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Reblogged this on Daermad Cycle.


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  4. She sounds like a dangerous person to cross.


  5. Hmm,I think I would enjoy never aging.


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