Orlando Killer’s Father Knew Obama?   Leave a comment

How close was presumed killer Omar Mateen to the bizarre world of Washington politics?

Close enough to raise your hackles about what is really going on.

Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, apparently visits the Capitol frequently, take pictures in front of the State Department and White House press room, and likes to pose with Congressmen, especially from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

There are also rumors, though they are unconfirmed, that Seddique Mateen has also met with President Obama.

His activity at the State Department and Foreign Affairs Committee also suggest possible liaisons with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry, along with other U.S. politicians.

Source: Orlando Killer’s Father Knew Obama?


As a writer, I like conspiracy theories because sometimes they give me ideas for stories, but usually my suspension of disbelief refuses to suspend. I find conspiracy theories entertaining and informative, but not truthful.

Except ….

This shooting really has me wondering. Actually, a lot of mass shooting have me wondering lately. After Newtown, a guy I know from mental health started talking to me in the grocery store. Yes, he’s a client and usually their stories set off alarms with me, but this fellow is usually on his meds and not given to as many delusions as many. Anyway, Roger (not his real name or even close) suggested that someone was “riling up” mentally ill people to get them to do these shootings. We were waiting out a gully washer, so for a good half an hour, he recited facts — information I could look up, and did — that had led him to believe this “conspiracy theory.” While I haven’t proven Roger’s theory, I also haven’t disproved it and I keep running across disquieting evidence that Roger might know what he’s talking about.

The CIA/FBI have been caught providing non-working bombs to radicalized Muslims living in America so that they could arrest them for an act of terror suggested by an agency handler. Shaeffer Cox (the only “terrorist” I know personally) was manipulated by an FBI informant to make outrageous statements that could then be used to arrest, try and convict him of a terrorism-related crime.

Trust me, mentally ill people are often very easy to manipulate if you know how to play on their delusions. There is a reason Carl exists in Transformation Project and it’s not just to be a sacrificial disabled person in a dystopian series. Mentally ill people are crazy, but some of them are absolutely brilliant at cutting through all the lies in our society and scraping the bedrock of reality.

So when I read things like this about the Orlando shooter’s father … I could dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, EXCEPT conspiracy theories don’t run for president of a small war-torn country under US occupation.

Something hasn’t felt right about this story from the very beginning, starting with how quickly the authorities seemed to know all about the shooter.

If I were a president whose administration had already “created” a few “terrorists” and conducted Fast and Furious and received virtually no backlash from those lies, I might “create” a mass shooter to try to silence my political enemies and further the “fundamental transformation” of the United States of Tyranny.

Does having a radicalized son who died as a martyr for the cause perhaps help the father get elected?

Of course Roger would say “Are you sure the son is dead?” How do we know? Lela


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