Where Did Truth Go?   2 comments

This is Part 3 of a series. Check it out. I guess we could call it What If Truth Went Viral?

My goal in this series is to highlight Jesus’ truth claims in context, but I will also try to look at why our society today is so hostile to those truth claims Christians make today.

Lately, I’ve been reading through the writings of John the apostle, called “beloved” … Jesus’s best friend by all accounts. While reading, I was struck by how often Jesus made “truth” claims.

That’s right — Jesus made truth claims and they weren’t the wishy-washy “all truth is God’s truth” kind of truths. He made “this is THE truth” statements.

Today, Christians are called narrow-minded, bigoted and intolerant because we believe in absolute truth. The truth we believe in is what Jesus and those who learned from Him taught, yet we are called arrogant for accepting spiritual knowledge over the ever-changing philosophy of men. Even some who claim to be Christians say we should set aside doctrinal differences and come together in love and unity with all Christians.

There are truths that exist as actual truths that are not found in the Bible. They exist in the societal and scientific realms. The Bible is a historical and philosophical book. It’s not a scientific document. That doesn’t mean it is wrong on scientific facts, but that is not its focus and it does not strive to explain the science of the world in details that 21st century people are going to recognize. It was written from the perspective of God’s servants in the eras in which they lived. So, for example, the sun appears to revolve around the earth, because that is how the writers perceived it, not because it was thought to be scientifically factual. Had the Bible been written today, the wording might be more accurate to science because that is the culture we live in, but God — who exists outside of time — knew this generation could not accept truth statements. Had Jesus made His truth statements today, He would have been placed in a dark hole in Supermax as a potential terrorist.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that people get upset when you quote Jesus’ truth statements today.

Which brings me back to my original question –

Where did truth go?


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